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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is there a doctor in the house ?

Last night Pup had a little episode of not being himself. Complete with heavy breathing and pounding heart and just general oddness. So of course, I panicked and came close to sleeping on the floor by the bed with him last night. I managed to stay in bed, although I did get up a few times and check him, breathing ? good. Heart beating ? good. Sleeping ? good.
This morning, instead of bouncing up when he sees that I am awake, he just lay there. So it was time to go to the doctor.
While waiting to be seen, Pup got to inspect a tiny new black kitten with great big round yellow eyes, attacking everything that moved, including Pup. He loves cats so this was fine with him.
Then there were the 2 newborn puppies, abandoned and now in a crate in the waiting room, waiting for a new family. Nothing like that sound, new baby puppies, whimpering and fussing.
The vet explained old hearts, heat, medicines etc to us and we will go back sometime next week to have a cardiogram done. In case he needs a medicine to keep him comfortable .. because, you know he has to live for at least 20 more years.

It is very warm, windy and if it were not for that huge hot sun that seems very close to us , it would be a nice day. But tomorrow the temps are supposed to drop around 10-15 degrees and it will be much nicer out .
Even though it is hot, the parks are full of people photographing, lunching and visiting friends, tour buses are full, the Feria is very busy and there is a band setting up for a live performance later at the Hard Rock Cafe so we were treated to sound checks in the park.

If not for the worries about Pup, it would be a perfect day. But it is close enough.
I hope your day, your weekend is perfect.
If you don't hear from me tomorrow, I might be out with a man and a dog, enjoying fresh cool air .. chau !


  1. I do hope Pup is better soon, and yes hoping for cooler weather on this side as well...xo Colette ~Afrigue du Sud

  2. Pup ... we are sending get well wishes!! Your mommy and daddy wofe you very much ... so stay strong our furyFriend ...xo HHL

  3. Best of health to Pup!! MtV

  4. I hope Pup feels better soon. Sending him get well greetings from Mexico.

    Cindi in Guanajuato

  5. Oh, he looks exactly like my parent's old standard poodle. Such sweethearts. SO glad he's feeling better!


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