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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pup Update

Today things got worse, we won't go into details or gory descriptions.
We went to a new vet, ours is on vacation.
We like the new one even better.
She gave him an antibiotic shot, said something about abscess and we have to go back tomorrow, she will probably give him another shot then he will heal.
When he is all healed, she wants to do a biopsy .
We are not too worried about that, since he has always been prone to growing "things" and has already had some surgically removed.
This one just went icky fast .. poor Pup .. pobrecito .. my sweet boy, he panted hard, kind of shivered while she was pushing and prodding and when she spoke to him, he kissed her.
I can weep from the sweetness of this dog ..
So now he is home, being treated like a King ( as usual) and we will only think positive thoughts and hope he is not in pain.
He seems relaxed now, even though our housekeeper is running the vacuum, he is lying here , staring at me.
Staring. at. me.

In the photo you can see his left leg has a dark spot .. that's it.


  1. Poor Pup. Hope he's healing fast.

  2. Pup .. I've been a little MIA lately .. I'm so sorry to read that you have been having a bit of a trying time. I'm happy that the vet is good ... sending you lots of love and postive energy for a speedy recovery. Your pal from Canada.. and Dolce is sending lots of paws and licks!!! xo HHL

  3. Many well wishes for Pup... and hugs for you too... I know the worry must be hard on you!!! xx

  4. Feel better soon're such a trooper, so noble and sweet. My kitty had an "icky" abcess too, they removed it and he was left with a crater in his back...he healed up nicely and was fine afterwards.
    Take care...all will be well (that would be you) soon!
    xo J~

  5. you are all, as always in my heart, snuggle

  6. Poor Pup. Some dogs do seem prone to lumps. Hope he heals quickly.

  7. Oh horrid thing, I am so glad he is improving. My Kerry Blue Terrier got lumps and I hope this is as they were, nothing and quickly resolved. I am so sorry to hear about this.


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