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Thursday, February 24, 2011

If it isn't one thing, it's another ...

We took Pup to the park , it was windy and these amazing dark clouds came rolling in.
There is a huge Ombu tree in the park and there are times when there are great strong rain and wind storms and the ground under the tree remains dry.
So that is where we hide if rain catches us out in the park.
The palms tend to whip around in the wind and drop huge branches and then there is the issue of quite large parrot nests that fall out. Now I am thinking that lightening still might hit the tree and fry anyone hiding under her branches. So now we run for the apartment buildings that line the street and walk under the terraces.
My husband and the dog have gone to the park and walked home, in the rain, and not been wet.. other than Pups feet. And then there are days where he comes home thoroughly soaked.
But then on a sunny dry day, you can walk under those terraces and get drenched when someone waters their plants. Or if the air conditioners are all going and condensation drops down on unsuspecting pedestrians.
Of course, you never know if it is air conditioning water or something less pleasant, so you always have to look up, look annoyed and wipe the wet spot.
Only once has this happened in the park and I knew it was not water and I knew I should not have stood under that tree that all the pigeons like to roost in.
Of course, all of these are Human irritations .. Pup trots down the street, smiling at everyone, pausing patiently as passersby feel the need to speak to him and touch him .. he is very polite, our Pup.
If it rains, he smiles. He waits until he gets inside the kitchen door, to shake it all off.. preferably when I am kneeling beside him with the towel.
I swear I hear him chuckle when he sees my face when I get spattered with water.
Today was sunny ... rainy.... windy ... maybe tomorrow will just stay sunny and windy is okay.
Pup has a small problem that might include a visit to the vet. I will know in the morning.
You know what they say, if it isn't One Thing, It's Another.


  1. Hope Pup is better tomorrow! Mt. V

  2. I hope Pup is okay. Let us know if he has to make a trip to the vet and what the outcome is. He's a great dog!

    Thanks for sharing your life in Buenos Aires! I enjoy reading your blogs and looking at the photos. What an interesting life you have in Argentina.

    Take care and tell Pup he has lots of fans who are sending him good wishes.

    Cindi in Mexico

  3. Oh such beautiful pictures of Pup


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