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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lazy Summer Saturday

Today has been one of those perfect weather days. Sunny, warm but dry and breezy, comfortable for sitting in a park or playing with a pup or walking around town, shopping for items that will make a nice dinner. This is the street where the fish market is found

Along this street you can also buy produce and baked goods and shoes. You never have to go far without a shoe store or a market. They have their priorities straight here.
Tonights dinner will be Salmon.
We thought we would pick up some scones at the bakery around the corner.
I lost track of which delicious looking dessert I wanted to try. Chocolate?
What about these ?
Then we took Pup to the park ... he was left at home while we did the marketing and that always makes him sad. So we made it up to him by spending some time in the parks...where we saw the hummingbird trees ( I named them that for a reason, can you guess?)

and then after sufficient walking and fresh air, someone got tired so we came home.
(He blends in nicely, doesn't he?)
After dinner, we will take another walk. I think the ice cream supplies are running low.


Razmataz said...

I do love the leafy streets....and markets. My town completely lacks markets....only supermarkets and not even a bakery on the man street.

24 Corners said...

We can use some of your beautiful warm weather about's stormy, rainy, freezing and gray!
xo J~

Symdaddy said...

It's really rather like being on holiday and relaxing when I read your posts.

And you don't charge me for the pleasure!

a Broad said...

Razmataz, we live close to huge parks, I can't imagine living farther "in" the city where there are few trees and green places. BA seems to be set up so that everywhere on is able to shop for everything they need within a few blocks. Great for the elderly .. which I feel that I am getting closer to being each day .

24 Corners .. If I could package sunshine ....

Symdaddy, What a wonderful thing to say ! you made my day :)
No charge, promise !
Love to Sym !

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