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Alan Cohen
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pup blog

So Mom said that I can blog today because she is out of words.
Dad says that is never gonna happen.

Mom says she thinks it is the stress from everything about yesterday.

I have no idea what that means.
I do know that Mom has been laughing a lot today and hugging me all day.
I took a nap while they went to the movies.
I knew when she got back she would be hugging me some more.

We went to the park. The other park. Where the statues are, the ones that I can't pee on.
Mom gave me her water bottle and I had a lot of fun killing it. It was sooo flat. dead flat.

Big pink flowers in the tree kept falling. One hit Dad on the head. That was pretty funny.

When we went home, that mean Boxer dog saw me.
Mom said don't look at him, keep walking.
I looked anyway.

I think Mom and Dad are going out to dinner tonight.
Mom said she doesn't feel like cooking.
I don't think they will take me.
I hate it when they go out and they leave me at home.
I miss them. I get lonely.

But maybe they will make it up to me and take me for a long walk in the dark.
I like it here. We take lots of walks.
Are you going to come here too ?


  1. I wish I could come hang out with you, Pup, while "Mom and Dad" are out eating dinner... it's a shame the Earth wasn't a bit smaller... I'd be more than happy to walk with you in those wonderful looking parks if I could be there... would have loved to have seen that flower fall on your "Dad's" head too - did he get dusted in pollen and start sneezing? hehehehehe.... You are a very well traveled and lucky Pup!!!! xox and a few ear scratches

  2. can sit in for your mom any did a fine job! Sometimes we lose our happened to me recently and I didn't even think to have Miss. Ginger sit in for time, I will (we will) be ready!
    xo J~

  3. Sabrina, Some days it seems the Earth has gotten much smaller, then you want to visit someone far away and it suddenly grows huge again ! Pup says Dad did not sneeze, but did look a bit startled, being hit on the head in the park, minding his own business :)

    24 Corners.. as my husband would say, we only have so many words, we don't want to use them all up. I just keep using mine, now Pup fills in sometimes for me :) Besos to Miss Ginger.

  4. I see Mom made it up to you with a horse movie. You are a happy dog!


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