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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, January 8, 2011


We have been living here almost 4 years now. We started with the bare bones of an old apartment with great potential. We had the high ceilings, the moldings and french doors, it all just needed loving care and being brought back to life. This is the Dining Room.
We went to Thonet in a part of town that is not very pretty, but there are furniture stores, one after the other.. and one of the buildings is this red house. A fabulous old red house from maybe 100 years ago. This is the Thonet showroom/store. We saw this table and chairs and nothing else would do.
It looks so perfect with the mirror and the chandelier.
All the rooms are pretty much finished, maybe a pillow here or a rocking chair there but mostly done.(Bentwood Rocker in the Dorrego Flea Market)But we have been moving around so much these past years, 4 years is a record ! I am feeling the urge to move.
I see buildings and apartments and think of all the things I could do to make them better... if only I lived there.
I like this building. I am sure I would enjoy decorating the rooms in an apartment there !
Or do I want a super modern, full of glass apartment, where my antiques will stand out nicely, where the windows will let in light and I can see the sky , and maybe there will be a terrace large enough to sit out with Pup and watch the sunset.
I can imagine how much fun it would be to decorate a modern apartment with lots of windows.
I recently saw one for sale, it is all windows.
Ideas were bouncing all over , wow, what would I do with this space ? how are you able to be private? how much fun would it be to live there ?
Then I think, if I am going to move again, do I want to move in Buenos Aires or do I want to move somewhere else? That is the question.
Until the answer arrives, we will continue to stay in this apartment and I will continue to add finishing touches and enjoy exploring the city .
Taking photos, of Pup, of the parks, of the buildings , you never know, one day you will be in the park and there I will be, with my camera in hand.


  1. Something with high windows that lets in the sun and the sky, perhaps a treetop here and there.

    :-) I grew up on the road and understand the urge to move.


  2. I like that rocking chair! And those windows!


  3. I started to pack up the house and can't wait to be are settled and thinking about packing up...what's wrong with us??? LOL!

  4. Pearl .. A treetop is good, sky is good, open views is good. I am not asking for much.

    Kelly .. I love those rocking chairs.

    Nice & Easy .. Packing lists.. that is my advice to you. You have done this already so you know. I am the list queen when it is moving time :)
    Nothing is wrong with us . . we are just special :D

  5. I would love to give decorating an apartment in that beautiful old building a try also!

    Hope your computer gets better...and I'm sure pup had nothing to do with's probably just heatstroke.

    Fun to see you!
    xo J~


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