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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Ramblings .. it is the heat ...

We won't talk about how long I sat here with the Air Conditioner Remote in hand, pointing it at the chandelier.
The heat has gotten to me. I am no longer the woman I was ...
I am now a dry skinned, freckle faced , dry haired , fried - brained forgetful person. ( I refuse to talk about the fact that I forget everything in the winter too)...

Yesterday I woke at 5 am and never went back to sleep.
I was wide awake and fine all day , even stayed up past midnight. I worried when I went to bed that this might be the way things are from now on, no sleep .
But happily, I woke a little before 10 am and felt quite normal ..
But it is so hot out. The birds are quiet, no energy to chirp , too hot to tweet.
We went to the cinema, what else do you do on a very hot summer day?
We sat in the dark cinema and I actually needed a sweater ... ahhhhh~
We saw Hereafter. We both liked it very much. We both looked at each other and smiled when we saw the scenes in Paris.
Then we walked around the mall and I admired the $1,000 handbags and shoes and furs.
Yes, they pull out the furs in the shops, all those tourists coming here from the Northern Hemisphere, for the great leather and the good fur. They no longer hold any appeal for me and in the heat of these summer days, I immediately began to itch at the thought of wearing one.
I would much rather spend the money on some handbags and shoes.Yes, I have a one - track mind.
Walking home we decided to go to lunch. We got a little lost, found the place, sat down, looked at the menu, got ready to give the order when I looked at the phone ... Oh No ! it was Pup's dinner time, there were things we had to do and the day had flown ! So we left, walked home, melting all the way.
I hear there is more snow coming to the Northeast US .. send me some.
I will send you a ziplock bag of Summer Heat .. a fair exchange I think.

We took Pup to the park where the birds were not singing, the bugs were biting and the tiny puppy belonging to the homeless couple was left alone, tied to their box of Stuff . They probably came back right away, we left before we saw them, this did bother me a little, but what bothered me a lot was the lady that was petting the puppy.
It is a tiny puppy, trusting and wagging its little tail when you approach. She was homeless and I have seen her around and she kind of makes me avoid her.
I watched her feeding the puppy some of his dry food, petting it, so far so good.
Then I watched her take a bottle of orange juice that she had and pour it in a bowl and give it to the puppy.
I walked over and pushed it away and said no, not for the bebe !
She said yes, it is good for the bebe and tried to give it to him again.
I said no, it is mal ! She said she was a veterinarian .
I walked away.
I told my husband, who urges me not to talk to strangers and not to get into Things with homeless people. We laughed at the idea but as soon as she left, I ran over and poured out the orange juice.
I wanted to wait until the owners came back, but it was so hot and Pup was miserable.
First thing tomorrow, I am going to check on the bebe and tell on the "vet" .
( my work is never done)

Tomorrow I would like to go to ( Paris, New York, London) Belgrano and Chinatown but if it is as hot as it was today, maybe another mall .
So how are you passing the days when it is cold ?
I forgot what it is like when it snows.
Imagine, I have not seen snow in 4 years. It snowed in Portland before we left, that was a good snow, beautiful while watching it fall, then it melted.
I miss snow.

I might have to find something to do that will be interesting for my husband, other than watching me try on shoes. Surely there is something more interesting that looking at shoes .. yes there is.


  1. It doesn't snow here but is soooooo cold that it's driving us all mad. The heater is on almost all day, first time we can actually number the storms we had, landslide in a neighborhood close by...a mess! The Argentinian mosquitoes sound pretty good right now...well, almost!!!! LOL!!

  2. Hello, I can relate to every desription of every heat second you are going through..we are exactly the same here in South Africa at the moment...unbearable. we are like couch potatoes, sitting in the coolest air conditioned area where my husband has his home theater with HUGE screen, so he is happy, and like you said.. but how many films can one watch ..or stare at..just to be cool...?! Cool like in temperature ha ha xo Col Afrique du Sud

  3. Nice & Easy, I totally understand the cold and wishing for warmth .. this was us a few months ago. Now we are just forgetting we were ever cold and wishing this heat would let up. But you know, it is the humidity too.
    Nothing makes mosquitoes sound good LOL.

    Cool in both ways, darling. We sit and stare at the screen, I have perfected my ability to read and watch television at the same time, the dog is happy on his bed, in the living room, freezing cold living room.
    I will emerge from summer paler than I did winter !
    Wishing you coolness!!

  4. Sorry you are so hot. It is very snowy up here in Nueva York. I skidded on the road yesterday but I'm ok. We bought traction devices for our boots and trekked through the snow in the park. We walked on a frozen lake where guys were playing hockey and watched sledding kids nearby but we didn't see any pups at all. The little one is so adorable!

  5. Anonymous, I was wondering when the snow would hit, I am glad it is the weekend and our son is not struggling through snow and cold to the train.

    Your walk through the park sounds lovely, sitting here with the a/c on, it sounds heavenly.
    The pup is adorable and growing fast .. fat bellied little thing. They told me his name and I have forgotten, I will find out tomorrow. besos.


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