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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Limping but not Stopping

Yesterday I got to see the "inner workings " of the Hospital Aleman in Buenos Aires.
I have had these two little "spots" ... one on each leg .. I get my spots in matching pairs, apparently. And while they have been there long enough to blend in with the landscape, lately they have been worrying me. That old "what if" thing started to pop into my head too many times.
Living in a country where the sun seems to be much closer, where 363 days of the year seem to be bright and sunny and without clouds, everyone should know to wear Sun Block. Some of us know and forget anyway, some of us don't use enough and some of us are just lazy and skip it and suffer later.
I need to remember the old Southern ladies with their hats, they had good skin, I bet they didn't see the dermatologist often !
So summoning courage ... lots of it .. we went to the hospital to see a dermatologist.
She spoke perfect English and reminded me very much of my doctor back in the US.
She did not once.. say anything about sunblock and the fact that there were tan lines on my shoulders etc and that is a No-No.
She quickly and efficiently with pretty much no pain at all, performed 2 biopsies.
So now we wait and see and I am almost sure that the next visit will be to see the Surgeon.
I have two ungainly and large bandages on each leg, today they come off and bandaides will replace them and I will feel less obvious in my being "wounded" as I walk around.

You know, when you live in the US or elsewhere and you have a car... you drive to the hospital and home.
You drive to the pharmacy and home.
You stay inside or drive when you have bandages and might look less than perfect.
Here, you walk out on the street and flag down a taxi. You walk to the pharmacy.. you look like the walking wounded.
And sadly, so far, it has not garnered me any sympathy at all.
Today we might just go for a drink at the Hotel Alvear .. after I get those bandages off !


  1. I bet you're still as linda as always! Mejorate pronto!!!

  2. There are few things as healing as a champagne cocktail at the Alvear. Oh to do that would be lovely.

  3. Healing wishes from WDC. I hope the next phase goes as easily as the first. Suerte and lots of healthy thoughts.

  4. Glad that you are taking care of yourself. Heal well! MTV


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