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Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching up ..

I have my computer back.
It has a new hard drive. I lost a lot but they saved my photos.
Everything I type has a red line under it, I cannot seem to find the spell check thingee that needs to understand that this is English . The entire computer was set in Spanish, I am still fumbling around with that ..
I am trying to remember what was on my Favorites list, there were so many things, they are all gone now.
Thanks to Google/Gmail, I am easily able to get into my mail and my blog .. so all the news is not bad.
My legs do not hurt and I am feeling fine.
It is so hot, I am content to be inside with the A/C until dark when we will wander the neighborhood, coming home with sticky ice cream fingers and a sleepy Pup.
We went to a movie today, Somewhere, by Sofia Coppolla.
She is lucky she does not live close to me, I would find her and yell at her for wasting 2 hours of my life. And then I would yell at that actor , Stephen Dorf, for being a part of it. My God what a boring movie !
Not even the Chateau Marmont made it better, not even his Ferrari or Las Vegas. The actress who played his little girl,( Dakota Fannings sister, Elle)
almost made it better .. But only almost
Don't see it. You will thank me for this advice.. or if you see it, you will wish you had listened to me.
Now about Buenos Aires in January, the good part is that so many people left town. There are a gazillion visitors here from all over the World and that is a lovely thing. I can stand on the corner waiting for a light to change and hear all sorts of languages. I see families from China and I hear French and German and a lot of English. I heard Dutch today .. I always want to grab them and say Be Careful, Have Fun, Eat Helado, Be Careful ! but I just send it to them on the airwaves ..
I guess any tourist that has their pocket picked or purse stolen, can feel like they are in good company ( like that makes anyone feel better !) An assistant or something, of the President of Argentina, was carrying $90,000 in a backpack and she was robbed.
So if you are coming here or are here, be careful.


  1. Thanks for the movie advice!

    And go ahead -- warn the tourists! But mostly, stay cool!


  2. Good advice on both counts.

    Re your 'red line' under text: right mouse click while your cursor is over the word. The pop-up menu may give you the opportunity to select your language.

  3. De nada, Pearl .. I am always here for you if you need a movie recommendation. Or a whine.

    Symdaddy, my husband, the Brilliant half of this team, told me to turn off the entire thing, then turn it back on. When I did, all the settings worked.
    No more red lines and everything is in English.
    I no longer live in Babel.
    un beso..

  4. Sorry about your legs and your hardrive losses! Hope the biopsie tests come back fine! Eat lots of ice has to help somehow, at least it will keep you cool!
    I'm about to lose my hardrive and have to hang on for another's tricky! I really don't want to lose all my 'stuff'!
    xo J~


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