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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Summer/Christmas Time

I want to send up Thanks to Willis Haviland Carrier.
After graduating from University in NY, he went home and invented the Air Conditioner !!
Let us all give thanks to Mr Carrier.
* with an honorable mention to Mr Ding Haune in the Ming Dynasty who invented the fan.*

I know, I know, you are freezing cold and there is probably snow .
I envy you.
So does Pup.

We are huddled in our darkened room, with the air conditioners going full blast throughout the apartment.
Pup goes from the bedroom, to the hall, (cool floors, no rugs), back to the room with the a/c.
Keeps him busy.

I want to walk him in the park, I want to get outside, I want to keep my husband company, I want to be out in the World ... but it is sooooo hot ... ( yes, that was me, whining .. get used to it, it is going to be a long summer).

We went our separate ways this morning, he to shop for me, me to shop for him. I thought I would bring the Pup along for company ( for both of us) and no one messes with me when I am walking him .. except sweet old ladies who baby talk him into a coma.
I didn't think of the extreme heat effects on a hairy dog at noon.
I quickly saw that it was the best idea to bring him home and let him spend the time cooler and more comfortable, even if he thought he was being abandoned. ( or that might be just his act to make me feel sorry for him ... he is very good at it, by the way)

Here we are ... turning into Vampire- like beings, who wait for the sun to go down so we can leave the house.
The dark brings cool air and soft breezes and everyone is out, taking a walk , the cafes fill up with babies as well as adults, having dinner, having ice cream, just "hanging out " ..

So this is Summer / Christmas time in Buenos Aires.
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  1. lol. Aw, poor pup! And poor Candice! Talk about memories... a sweaty Christmas - cheers!

  2. We are also like vampires here waiting for the sun. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy Buenos Aires. Carla


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