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Alan Cohen
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Hot Christmas

I haven't much to say. I am fed up with the heat. I don't want to whine anymore.
Well, I do but I am trying to spare you.
Be thankful.

Last night we heard something noisy outside. Noisy other than the typical street noise with the occasional dog barking /people yelling noise.
It sounded like whistles, people calling, not too loud, just different for a night noise.
We were astounded to see great masses of people .. on bicycles. Filling the streets. The cars had to stay behind them, they filled a city block. It was quite fun to see.

What a good idea, reclaiming the streets ...

Later we will talk about Christmas shopping where it is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.
I know why people say that now ... when walking the dog this afternoon, there were broken eggs on the walk .. they had cooked.
The birds were mostly quiet, although the parrots were swooping over our heads and being cranky as usual. Today I felt as cranky as a parrot.
The shopping in some stores was very comfortable, if only one doesn't have to take a hot walk home.
Taking a taxi doesn't matter, many don't run the a/c or they do but keep the window open .. go figure.
It all adds up to it is too hot to go out. Ever. How long til Autumn?

Next Christmas, I am going somewhere cool. Feel free to tell me how cool it is where you are spending Christmas.
It might help.
It probably will help.


  1. I'm trying to picture "too hot".

    Let me tell you about the cold in Minneapolis.

    I have been wearing leggings (foot-less socks that run from ankle to mid-thigh) since October. I expect to take them off in April.

    You cannot go outside without dressing for 10 minutes first. Please be sure to figure this into your schedule.

    The inside of my nose seems to freeze. We'll not look any further into that.

    My eyes water with the cold, my nose turns red, and my lower lip threatens to split with chapped-ness.

    The car has to run at least five minutes before you put it into gear. You'll want to figure that into your schedule as well.

    I could go on, but the upshot here is that winter is painful and inconvenient and should be avoided at all costs.

    Now go take a cool bath and powder liberally.


  2. It has been raining non stop for 5 straight days...big messes everywhere...accidents...loss of power...trees have felt...roofs are suffering...hundreds of families have been evacuated...doesn't the heat sound a little better now?

  3. I am freezing. The pups are freezing. The wind is howling and there is no fire. I want to fry an egg on the I am as cranky as a parrot.


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