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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

When I was a little girl, we lived in North Carolina. My dad and his brother in law, would go out into the woods and bring home a Christmas tree.
When I grew up and married, my husband and I would go to the Christmas tree lot on the corner and the two of us would wrestle the tree home.
As the years went by, the family grew bigger, the homes grew bigger and so did the Christmas trees.
Every year my husband would say, this year the tree is going to be much smaller. I would agree.
We would bring home a tree that was a just little bit larger than last years. Although we never got one quite as large as the tree a few blocks from home.

I miss that tree. There is nothing like walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City at Christmas time and looking at the store window displays, looking at that tree, watching the ice skaters and then going somewhere for hot chocolate. Or a drink. Whatever warms you best.

Our first Christmas together, it was just the two of us and my little cat. She liked the tree and the ornaments and enjoyed living dangerously by hanging outside of the window ( 6th floor) trying to catch a pigeon. ( not to worry-she lived to be 15)..
Now here we are .. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Land of fake Christmas trees. It is too hot, they would have died and lost all their needles by the time they were shipped here. So there are plenty of artificial trees to choose from and I cannot like any of them. I have considered getting an all white artificial tree, at least it is "honestly" fake, not fooling anyone, here I am , a White Tree..

But I cannot find anything here that looks as good as the White trees in the magazines, I am losing my focus. I am starting to think that what we have already is good enough .. Eucalyptus wreaths, a small brass filigree tree with crystals hanging from the tips of the branches and lots of gold stars with beads on them that used to go on a tree and now hang from chandeliers and doorknobs , and lots of candles.
So I think once again, there will be No Tree for Me... but we will make up for it with Christmas Cheer .
And maybe just a little Champagne and Chocolate .. and a new bone for the Pup.
We won't even notice that the tree is very small and none of the needles will fall off.


  1. Oh. No tree here either. After our recent move, we have no necessities of a Christmas tree (the stand, lights, ornaments, topper, the actual tree, etc.). I calculated the cost of it all and I will take that money to buy presents for those less fortunate instead. But you can bet I'll hit the after Christmas sales and stock up for next year!
    Merry days dear.

  2. I agree: don't get a fake but, rather, celebrate with what's around you. How about a lovely potted bouganvillea, or some other bright, fragrant, beautiful mini tree that you can gather around, champagne and chocolate in hand?? It sounds pretty magical, Candice...

  3. I am waiting for the rain to let up then we are going to the florist where I will see if I can buy Peonies and Roses:)
    Also, Poinsettias .. Lots of candles, white and red .
    I am going to hang the small wreath on one of the French windows.
    Slowly, small signs of the season are appearing :)

  4. I adore your blog. I really do. But I've always wondered why in other countries it is so important to have a real tree in you living room. I prefer my little fake christmas tree and not doing any harm to nature! I just take it out on December 8th and put it away in January. And no tree gets hurt! This may sound stupid, but wouldn't it be great if more people could settle for a fake tree? Anyway, hope you have a great Christmas with your husband and pup, best wishes to the three of you!
    And hope you liked the Jacaranda song ;)

  5. Thank you anonymous !
    I guess it is just the way you grow up, what you are used to. You are used to artificial trees, I grew up where we cut our own trees and later bought them from tree farms. For me, there is nothing like the scent of a tree , but here in BA, since Christmas is in summer, it is impossible. So it makes sense that no one uses real trees here.
    I loved the Jacaranda song :)
    Feliz Navidad ! and Gracias for your comments .

  6. Fake white Christmas trees are known as Hollywood Regency, every movie star had one.
    I agree, if you are forced to go fake, go obvious.
    Your dog is beautiful, what more can you ask for?
    X David

  7. Thank you David !
    "Every movie star has one" ... this is why I should have one then, non?
    Actually, Pup is the movie star, I am just his "Gofer" ..

  8. Hello, A Broad!!!!! my name is Gabi, i´m argentinian and i understand how you miss your natural and real xmas tree. One suggestion is to get a little one, natural, placed on a pot- i mean, alive- (like a plant) and you can buy it at a green house store ( vivero is the spanish word). You can hang whatever you want there, and then just adopt it like a plant. It´s not NY city xmas way but hope you´ll spend a warm ( not doubt about it!!!) and full of joy xmas time!!!!!!!!!
    regards, gabi.


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