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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Santa

This Christmas, I would like to send my list to you early, considering how slow the mail can be here, I don't want to be late with my Christmas List.
1- I would like a Cold Front for Argentina for Christmas. Not terribly cold but a mild and not too hot summer would be swell.
2- I would like some perfume but my husband might manage that, you can just be there if he needs you.
3- A case of Hellmans Mayonnaise and Skippy Peanut Butter and a box of goodies from Sephora and how about some Donald Pliner shoes just for good measure.
If you have problems bringing all of this through Customs, then just bring the Mayo.
4-I need to see my children so if it is possible ... I know they are too big to fit into your bag ... will you happen to find some Airline Tickets please? Thank you.
5- Pup asked me to tell you that he would love to have some "Cookies" ... I can get those here so we will keep this our little secret and I will just put your name on the package.
6- I would like that old lady who sleeps on the bench in the park to find a new place to live . Somewhere with a roof and running water and warm, fresh food. I know she likes the park, but I worry about her.
7- There are some dogs here who could use a bit of Santa this year too. Old and weary and all they want is someone to be kind to them and feed them and not hit them. Surely there is someone on your list, asking for a dog ?
8- I would like to wake up Christmas morning and speak fluent Castellano. I don't want to sound "cute" anymore, I want to sound like a native. ( without having to go to school for years)
9- In 2011, it would be nice if we got to see some family and friends. If no one has thought of it, you can leave a note in their stocking... just say something like, Buenos Aires is a good place to celebrate a late Christmas!
They will never suspect anything fishy if You say it.
10- Have a Good Christmas. I have been writing to you for many years now and you always come through for me. Oh, and if you like sending my kids to me, how would you feel about grandbabies?
Merry Christmas,
from me,
way down here
in Argentina


  1. Hmmm!

    Tall order ... and a little bit late, but I'll see what I can do.

    Rudolph is off the team after failing a drug's test and Prancer is still out with a hamstring injury.

    And all that humping (sacks of presents) has put my back out, so Mrs Claus will be handling the deliveries this year ... if she can stop 'handling'the elves.

    Best regards


  2. it's snowing again today -- sooooo, beautiful and of course the dogs are in heaven.

    I have a little Christmas request. If you could e-mail me at, I'll explain.

    Merci par avance. And, again, thank you for the shout-out.

  3. I could swear I commented when I read this first time yesterday... obviously not, silly pregnant brain playing up again!

    I like your Santa letter, I hope you get everything :)

  4. Adorable list. My mom sent my pup a must be edible because the poor dog just sits next to it and sniffs and begs to open's almost like she doesn't understand the convention of opening gifts on Christmas day (ha!).


  5. Santa, I hear ya.
    Tish, you have email.
    Piglet, pregnant brains are to blame for Everything !
    Leigha, thank you. I do not dare to shop for Pup's presents because he will sniff them out for sure! then sit and stare a hole through me until I give him one early.


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