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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Vision Of Things To Come

Pup knew better than to even try ....

It is the day after Thanksgiving for those of us who come from or are in the United States.
It is Friday, and here in Buenos Aires, it is summer and it is the day that .... people head out of town if possible, making lots of traffic with lots of honking.
Of course, what fun is sitting in traffic if you can't honk mindlessly for hours?
Except some of us just want to get to the mall, in the taxi, with the least amount of walking in the heat, so they get to sit and listen to the honking up close and personal ... like we are in the Front Row Center at the Concert ... Surround Sound honking .
The mall is over air-conditioned in some spots and not air-conditioned in others.
Causing one person to decide that there was nothing that she needed to wear that was THAT important and we can Find It in Another Store so they left.
Arriving home to an overjoyed Pup, who for some reason, after all these years, still seems to think We are Never Coming Back, when we leave without him.
So taking Happy Pup to the park , in the heat, was next.
The birds were hot. They were !! They pecked and squabbled with little energy and mostly just waddled around in the shade. One didn't have the energy to even fly away when Pup walked over, it just sidled away, Pup could have cared less, he was headed for the bench where we would sit and hope for a breeze.
The bench sitting didn't last long, everyone voted to head back home to the air conditioning.
This is a Vision Of Things To Come. Summer in BA.
I have no earthly idea what we are doing this weekend.
I might melt into a puddle somewhere and confound scientists everywhere or we might find something fun and not too hot to do.
To Be Continued ...

Tired Pup


  1. Oh Pup .... you are just too precious... stay cool... HHL

  2. Just look at the expression on that cat's face -that is a serious "I dare you" face. It's so hard to imagine it being so hot, when the snow has settled on the ground outside and it is bitter cold. Brrrrrr...

  3. Today is grey and windy, I think there is another weather change coming.
    Hopefully it will be cooler weather, but not wetter weather ( say that 3 times fast)

  4. You need to run to Punta and escape summer in BA!! Pup will love the attention and you will love the shopping...I think it's a great plan!!

  5. Ha, that cat gave Pup a pretty clear message. I say take the advice of Nice and Easy you go.

  6. To take Pup to Punta, means having to go through the same vet/government business that I did , in order for him to come to Argentina. With more rabies shots that he does not need.
    So sadly, Pup will not be visiting anywhere outside of Argentina, unless we move again.
    He said he does not mind.

  7. oh sounds hot hot hot! What sort of temperature is it at the moment?

    I don't know if I'd be able to face shopping either in extreme heat. Also I hate over powering air conditioning which leaves you freezing. I actually got a chill when I visited a shopping mall in Miami once, we're just not used to aircon that much in Europe (although I admit I do have it at home now)


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