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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Wishing all my friends and family in the United States and beyond, a Happy Thanksgiving.
If we were there, where it is cool and winter is knocking at the door, we would be right there with you, roasting a turkey, mashing potatoes and watching the piles of dishes grow in the sink.
But we would also be laughing and enjoying the people we have not seen in years and being able to catch up on lives that mean so much to us .. seeing how this one has grown, hearing how this one has such a wonderful job, this one just came back from another fantastic trip and this one is exactly as we remember and we are relieved and happy to know that.
We consider the idea that we might want to live closer to these people some day, that too much is happening that we are only hearing about from afar and when you think about it ... adventure and excitement are one thing but your family is another.
But for now, we will send loving thoughts and enjoy memories of past Thanksgivings where a young bride decided her first turkey would be 25 lbs and it barely fit in the oven in the tiny kitchen in the tiny apartment in New York City. Reviews on that turkey were overwhelmingly good!
Where on Thanksgiving you could depend on familiar dishes, because it was Thanksgiving ! we always eat this on Thanksgiving ! any veering away from that meant mutiny among the troops !
So today , for Thanksgiving, I will enjoy my memories, make plans for the future and stay close to the air conditioner, it being early Summer and all where I live now.
Happy Holidays ~

Pup remembers that time when he ate too much and couldn't move for hours!


  1. Such a bizarre concept: air conditioning on Thanksgiving day! It's brrrr cold in Paris (quel surprise!)...

    Hope you guys had a wonderful day of reflecting, enjoying, relaxing and, bien sur, eating. I, too, am thankful for our new friendship! xo

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!


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