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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mondays - Look at This Blog !

My Buenos Aires Travel Guide

This is MY BA travel guide and it can be yours too. This is my favorite Buenos Aires blog.
And the blogger is my favorite too . She is both helpful and smart, takes wonderful photos and happens to be quite pretty also. She knows everything there is to know about Buenos Aires, being from here.. She knows about Shopping as well as about the Museums and Polo and is happy to show people where to go for whatever it is they need on a visit here... or when someone is moving here and has a gazillion stupid questions, she is always calm and patient and kind enough to answer all those questions.
So go take a look and see a perfect example of why I think the people here are so wonderful.

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  1. Thank you Candice, you are always so nice! I am happy when I know I can contribute to make trips to Buenos Aires special, and to show how wonderful this city is.
    You are my favorite expat!


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