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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Little Art, a Little Walk and Something Sweet

So, someone asked Pup if he wanted to go to the park and maybe go to pick up some French pastries.
He agreed, only if we were sure to take the long way, through the big park. Which we were happy to do.
We had a mostly cloudy day today.
Before we went to the park with Pup, we left him home with Nely and went to the Museum..
It was originally an Ice Skating rink, the interior of the building is round, with a large Copula ceiling. They do some very interesting shows, todays was a bit of This and That.
I might have photos later, from the man who was not afraid that a guard would yell at him. (The guard actually smiled at him when he saw him taking the photos)
But I did take sneaky photos of the ceiling and some details
You just walk around in circles, looking at the art on the walls and some art in small rooms that run behind the walls.
The Ceiling of the Palais de Glace. So beautiful and my photos are not adequate.
This is over every door ...
Then on through the neighborhood where we bought jasmine for the balcony, I imagine it covered with fragrant little white flowers on vines by December.. and to the Patisserie.
Hmmm... what do I want ? The chocolate croissants ? The almond croissants covered in powdered sugar? The soft rolls or that thing Daddy likes, the olive  bread ?
Then home to relax ..Muy bien !


  1. I would SO love to come for a visit!!!!! Pass me an almond croissant, sil vois plait.

  2. I ate them all. Tomorrow I will go buy more, hurry, while supplies last !

  3. Mandy ... authentic too. The owners are French, their equipment is French, everything is delicious. I had to go search and find my Will Power not to go back there and buy more since I ate most of the croissants on the way home .. oink.

  4. Oh I will have one of everything, please. Senor Poodle may share with me. I love the ceiling photo, magnificient.


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