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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Beautiful Spring Day in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is ridiculously pretty in the Spring.
Every day the trees and parks get greener,
flowers are blooming everywhere
I don't know what kind most of them are.
These bottle brush trees are everywhere.
No idea what these are but they are pretty..
A close up.
We wandered in the park, Pup sniffed and explored.
That little brown feathered guy at the bottom left is a baby Owl.
There were skateboarders, and football games going on.
All in all, Another Beautiful Spring Day in Buenos Aires..


  1. I agree, it's totally pretty .. I love seeing the flowers in bloom and imagining the warmth in the air..
    Ah.. it's so good escaping for a while in your part of the world :-)
    Hugs and have a happy weekend xxx

  2. It's weird to think I will be coming from fall, straight to spring. I lived in Chile for almost 4 years a decade ago, so I know that there will certainly be some ranting and raving as I readjust.

  3. Annje, at least you can see it as skipping winter this year !
    The adjustments for me were not terrible, because the people are just so nice here, I had more problems with the "little" things.. language, renovations projects, unexpected floods from upstairs, that sort of.thing
    Otherwise, I think I might have more trouble adjusting to being somewhere else now :)


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