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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today was a Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day. Not a day meant for being inside. Not a day meant for doing laundry or grocery shopping. Well, someone had to do it. But ..... after the chores were done, good things came to those who waited .. lunch and a walk.
The football players were there again today.
What was the reason that we can't live here ?  I forgot .
This would be fine too. Imagine , the entire park your front yard.. including watching free football games !
This poor girl had to do some silly skip and jump for the photographer, over and over and over and ...
Tonight she is cursing the idea that she ever wanted to be a model.
Pup was not the least bit interested in them ..
Nice building
Tomorrow is Nely Day. Who knows if she will show up. 
Who knows what we will do, 
chau, gracias, yo hablo Castellano .. sort of .

image via inetgiant


  1. Ahh .. so many beautiful buildings and parks.. the weather is finally cooperating ... Pup must be so excited to get out on his walks!!!HHL

  2. Pup is thrilled every day to go on his walks with us .. and sleeping beside me on his big pillow bed, dreaming of tomorrows walk :)
    Thank you for your sweet comments !

  3. It's nice from time to time to remind ourselves the nice things around soccer games are reason enough for my Husband to live anywhere!

  4. LOL ... today for me it was the free Dulce de Leche Helado that comes with a cup of coffee :)


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