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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Weekend

We knew someone would be coming to the house to do some work today, we wanted to be out of the house when this was going on. Pup would have stayed behind but we decided to bring him along and so our day was geared to where a Pup can go and how far do you want to walk. Besides, he heard me say the word "Walk"
How could I say no?
It was a beautiful day, blue skies and sunshine and warm, but not too warm, yet.
We did a bit of Shopping, a bit of Cafe Sitting where Pup made friends with a couple from Brazil.
We did a bit of Park Walking and Exploring and did I mention, Window Shopping ? Yes, quite a bit of that.
Well, one of us anyway.
On the way home we stopped and picked up some fresh veggies from our Produce market ..
My feet and Pup were giving out and we figured the sky was getting a bit grey, we might as well wander on home.. to a house where everything sparkled and  Pup had dinner waiting.
Now the clouds are coming, rain drops are starting to fall and a nice dinner will be made and a nice iChat will be made and then the Weekend ..
Happy Weekend !


  1. Would that someone coming to the house to work be a part of the ever present plumbing fiasco? I hope the work went as planned, whatever it was, and that you are on your way to no more workers soon! J~

  2. No ... now we are just waiting for a painter.. It seems the plumbers are actually finished here .
    This was the lady with the vacuum that makes Pup unhappy. The vacuum, not the lady :)

  3. I love that picture of Pup! I want to see more of your house!


  4. Who could say 'no' to that face?!

    It sounds like a beautiful day -- and OF COURSE the house sparkled!


  5. Kelly, I did a before and after post a while back, I think.

    Pearl.. not me ! Yes, the house sparkled.
    So I made sure not to cook so nothing would get messy.. you know..

  6. No one could ignore that face!

  7. YAY .. for getting out before the rain! that vegetable market had me swooning ... how wonderful to be abl to shop like that instead of in a grocery box store like here in North America!

    Is it easy to get out and about with Pup? Are people there receptive to 4-legged family members? ~ We were in Paris and were amazed where one could take their little FurBaby into.

    Have a wonderful week-end..HHL

  8. HHL, dogs are welcome in most outdoor cafes and most parks but it is not like Paris or Portland Oregon, where Pup went Everywhere !
    Some taxi drivers don't want him :( which makes it hard sometimes to go farther than walking distance.
    But as in today- we went to one of our favorite cafes and the waiter brought us our drinks and a bowl of water for Pup.
    I think everyone in Buenos Aires has at least one dog..often huge dogs.
    un beso.


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