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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunshine !

Sunshine , I can't believe it, there was sunshine today !
Walking through the parks, we saw that the parks were cleaned up of branches, it was pretty muddy after a week of rain but it still looked good and things were showing signs of waking up and blooming.
Tiny green leaves, little buds, small things coming up from the ground, very busy and noisy birds and parrots.. it all looks and sounds like Spring. And not a moment too soon, we have definitely had our fill of winter. We first realized something was different this morning when there was no sound of wind banging the shutters and no sound of rain pounding down outside. I don't mind falling asleep to that sound but I dreaded waking up to it one more time this week! There was this big shiny thing in the sky today.. it was familiar but we had to take a walk with Pup and make sure we were not hallucinating.. you know, the way people on desert islands hallucinate about a big meal or a hot bath, we were dreaming of sunshine and birds singing. 
Our dream came true today.
Those little clouds quickly blew away and we were left with a brisk breeze

and warm sunshine.

Perfect for a walk in a park, ( notice the cloud that looks like a dragon?)
a coffee in the cafe and some exercise.
At our cafe, Pup was enjoying sitting and soaking in some rays when two ladies from another country caught sight of him. It was so comical, their delight at the sight of Pup, their need and yes, it was definitely a need for them .. to take his photo. And my dear sweet Pup patiently sat and let them take photos .. and my husband and I sat and drank our coffee and pretended that we noticed nothing different going on .. what tourists? what cameras ? dog ? where?
Oh, him. 
He asked us to please take him back to the park where he didn't have to Sit and Stay and Smile ..
 here he waited for someone to tell him it was safe to cross the street. Where to his delight and mine, were two of the cutest little poodles. One was running around like a mad little tiny demon, his first birthday is tomorrow. His mama was only slightly larger and she was playing ball. They were all happy to meet Pup who was delighted to find some small cute thing that could run even faster than Pup ! And who just happened to be the same exact color as Pup. We all marveled at that , gave many Feliz Cumpleanos and Besos and went on our way. All that fresh air was certainly wonderful and tomorrow we expect to enjoy even more. Not sure where we will go or what we will do .. but it should be very pleasant. 
After all, look where we are !


  1. Good morning there from a most beautiful Sunday this side in Afrique du Sud...with every post, I am getting closer to making plans to visit your beautiful adopted country... and your pup is so adorable.
    enjoy the rest of your weekend, xoxo Colette

  2. I'm so happy for you. Summer is slowly approaching.

  3. A last signs of spring...and sunshine, the perfect combination for a lovely weekend! Enjoy it.

  4. That is so fantastic! I'm sure along with you and hubby - Pup is so happy to be outside in the sunshine! Wishing for more sunshine filled days ahead for you !! HHL

  5. Hello to you and Pup and the man in your life! Sounds like things are going well there. We are all good here. Tom has returned from his 11 day motorcycle ride and survived the adventure. Spanky and Olive are doing well, loving the idea of catching a squirrel but never managing to do it. Fall is in the air finally, temps around 70 and lots of sunshine.
    I'm glad Pup enjoyed his time with the two poodles. Always fun to find playmates.


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