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Friday, September 3, 2010

The End of the Week and hopefully the Rain

It rained today.
images via la nacion
We went to the cinema. Luckily, we were able to use a taxi and not a boat.
We walked from the cinema to my new all time favorite bakery.
L'epi Boulangerie
We stocked up on sweet things that are half gone already and my jeans feel tight for some reason.
We took the sweet Pup to the pet shop to weigh him, to the vet to find out if he is OK and to buy a new dog food. He seems to be fine, needs better food, Nurse Mama is on the case.
Someone was supposed to be here today and do some work and they did not show up nor did they call. They don't know it yet but they are in the Dog House.
Meanwhile, Pup is lolling on the bed behind me, looking for all the world like a large brown fur rug. I think I have to go find his brush.
You think your hair looks bad after getting caught in the rain ? Imagine your entire body is covered with short brown curly hair that keeps getting wet, then dries naturally, then gets wet then gets dry .. his is parting in the middle on his head so he now looks like a  member of some Dog Barber Shop Quintet.
Tomorrow is Saturday and if I am to believe the weather forecast on line, it will not rain.
If this happens, I will not be here during the day.
Enough of this .. time to get out there and shop.
Or something.


  1. Pup still looks cute even with parted hair. Hope we both have better weather tomorrow. Mt. V.

  2. Ohhhh Candice, I feel your pain, trust me! I feel like rain has followed me this entire calendar rain. It's not good for the spirit or hair, and, oui, I can only imagine how Pup feels, being cooped up, wet and then dry, wet then dry.

    But your spirit and sense of humor are impressive! I am glad you have not had to paddle your way to the boulangerie. Enjoy your sweets and here's to a day sans rain! xo


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