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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday - Look At This Blog !

HiP Paris Blog

 This blog is written by several people, all experts in Paris and living in Paris and All Things Paris.
I love Paris and this eases my recurring wish that I were living there ... or at least living close enough that a quick visit  was possible.. like every week..

While it is about Paris and French things... you don't really have to be there or planning to be there, you can get ideas, see what to wear, redesign your home according to the photos ( yes, I have done that) ..  There are days, like today ( rain, grey) that I enjoy browsing through the beautiful photos of Paris and the parks and colorful pretty photos.

so Go look at my Monday Blog of the Week pick... tell me how you like it ..


High Heeled Life said...

Wow what a wonderful site you have shared! I have made note of it and will definitely be looking at when planning our next Paris adventure!!HHL

Erica said...

Dear Candice,
Thank you so much for including the HiP Paris blog on your site. I am honored. I hope your readers will enjoy us, and I am thrilled that YOU are having a good time as well. We will do our best to keep up the good work and supply great post and amazing pictures. A bientot!! Erica

yanqui mike said...

That is one very pretty blog!

I rented an apartment in Le Marais for a month 10 years ago. It was wonderful.

I love Paris!

...and no one was rude to me. In fact (with barely no French), people went out of their way several times to help me and to make sure I was happy.

vive la France,

a Broad said...

Mike, yes ! We have never met a rude French person .. Viva la France lol .. oui !
You know, they call Buenos Aires the Paris of South America .. maybe that is why we like it so much :)
Erica, my pleasure ..
HHL... planning trips to Paris is only slightly less fun than the actual trip, have fun !

24 Corners said...

I love this's like a mini-vacation to France everytime I visit! :)

Anonymous said...

Another addiction! Thanks so much -- Mt. Venon

Flaviana said...

Oh thanks for the link, the blog is fabulous!! I'll be in Paris in 6weeks and this is gonna be so useful. Calling it perfect timing

Pearl said...

I love it! A new blog to check out!


oh, and I loved the post from a couple days ago, all the pictures of the beautiful buildings! I agree -- you have to have a balcony and a garden in back! Also, Caroline is a beautiful dog, which explains the attraction to Pup, another beautiful dog! :-)

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