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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The days just go by so fast, even if I get up earlier ... which is no small feat.
Even if I limit my coffee drinking to 3 cups and not more... which is no small feat.
Even if I can leave the Pup with those big sad eyes watching me go out the door - Without Him !! , this is no small feat.. made the tiniest bit easier, to me anyway, if I convince him ( he is not convinced) that I will be back Fast ! and we will go for a walk and we will play ... yeah, right , he says .. all with his eyes.. amazing how he does that ..
So we ran our errands, my husband painted the damaged closet ( brilliant job he did too !) and I did lots of laundry, everything in the closet had the vague odor of the bottom of a well.
Then we took Pup for a nice long walk. Past the apartment building that is so beautiful..
Past the man doing Push-ups ..
Yesterday was terrible weather, then last night cleared up and today was sparkling and cool but sunny. Perfect for parks and cafe sitting.

Where we had to have the bad luck to sit at a table next to some women who were talking and eating and talking and not paying attention to what was going on around them.
They decided to change tables, one got up, never stopping her talking and grabbed her chair and walked with it, dragging it along .. dragging right into my Pup .. who was just lying there minding his own business, right up against my husbands chair!
And when I saw the chair hit him, and then she kept going !! and the chair kept going on my Pup, I said in not the most quiet tones... Lady ! which really came out something like Laydee ! and then she kept dragging that stinking chair and I said Jeezus ! and reached out to grab the chair .. Then she came to .. figured out her surroundings and walked around the chair and dog .. who happens to have a bit of arthritis in the leg/flank that the stupid woman hit. twice. with a chair.
mom, that woman hit me
Where did all of my Spanish go ? I know what I should have said in Spanish. but no ... lady ! jeezus ! is what I said...
I did continue to give her dirty looks for as long as we sat there, I am sure they showed her a thing or two .. yeah, I wish.
There she is , the one on the right, that's the chair .. notice how she is sitting so she can't face me .. yeah, she can't take my Evil Eye. Even though I was wearing sunglasses and no one could see it, it was there. yeah.
I have nothing else to say .. I am devastated that my Spanish let me down just when I needed it the most .. what if she didn't understand English ?
It would have been like someone shouting "FIBBLE ! "...."MEENKY " !! at you ...
Would that mean anything ? would you be worried ? well, other than the worry that I might be insane .. would you learn a lesson about dragging chairs through cafes where dogs are lying around ?

I have to start only speaking Spanish at home ... it will probably be really quiet around here ..


  1. You know that when I'm furious with someone here, like your chair lady, I always yell in Spanish...even when they don't get it, because if I say it in English I feel like I really don't let go of my anger!!! Crazy, I know...but it makes me feel better!!! LOL!!!

  2. That is great to know that you do that ! I wondered if that happened to other people, in other languages.
    Not crazy .. As long as it makes you feel better, no ? :)

    You will have to teach me some good things to say , in case there is a next time :)

  3. Wadda moooooooo'er!

  4. Poor pup! I don't like it when people aren't paying attention to where they are going. I'm sure she could feel your evil eye on her skin and I hope it left a mark!


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