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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pups Blankets and Power tools

Today we went to buy a drill so we can make holes in the walls, at least those walls that have no water pouring out of them.
And I will finally get to hang my   posters, paintings, prints and a mirror or two. Making this place that much more Home to me.
I sent a note to "those in charge" asking about the lack of noise coming from upstairs where plumbers should be fixing leaking pipes. This note produced a flurry of responses and hopefully, after talking to the plumber and being told he will be here tomorrow at 10 am .. there will be , finally, some work done and an end to our saga with the water issues that all stem from my neighbor upstairs.
If not, we will all sit down together and browse the real estate ads because the husband and I have finally hit the end of our patience in regards to this issue.
And I know you are all sick of hearing about it.
So let's hope tomorrow is the Beginning of the End of the Water Problems.

Now .. about Pup.
He is 11 years old. He hops around and jumps and plays and is all silly like a puppy but he is 11 years old.
Which makes him about 77 .. even older than me !
So I am trying to make things more comfortable for him. Soft beds wherever he goes.. warm blankets to sleep on or with or to chew when the urge hits him. This dog has a blanket that he has had for years. I really should rename him Linus, the way he loves his blanket.
When we moved from Florida to Oregon, we bought a nice soft blanket for Pup for the car and for the hotels. His bed went with the movers, so he had his own blanket to curl up with, a few toys, and he was happy... why not, he had the whole back seat to himself !
He was happy looking out the windows, sometimes he would see cattle or antelope and would call out to them .. well , not so much call out as yodel. I haven't told you Pup yodels? Yes, quite well too .. and loudly.
A hotel is never so strange and foreign if you have your blanket with you.
And once we were in Oregon and nothing smelled familiar, while waiting for everything  to arrive, a blanket was good for wrapping up and being cozy
And living in Oregon meant there were a few rainy days when a Nap with the blanket  was Mandatory
And how could you think to live in a strange land where nothing smells familiar, without your blanket?
I am considering getting him another huge pillow or soft dog bed so he can be cozy on the floor instead of a bed. But then, an afternoon nap on the bed isn't going to hurt anything now, is it ?


  1. You do make me laugh. Love the Pup and his blankie.

  2. I am happy to hear I made you laugh. Pup will be happy too .. shhh.. right now he is sleeping, behind me, on the bed.. with his blanket.

  3. Oh...I thought your water woes were sorry your still having to deal with all that! It's such a pain and I can't even imagine trying to take care of it in another country...hopefully it will be resolved pronto!

    I love that Pup has a blanky...he looks so cute holding with his paws.

    Best of luck tomorrow...

  4. Oh no! I can't imagine you looking for a new place because I know how much you love your apartment (water or not)...I hope the señora de arriba gets her act together!!!


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