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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mom's in a Bad Mood

Mom said she can't blog because she is in a bad mood and has nothing nice to say about anything or anybody. I am not sure what that means, she just told me she loves me and I am a Good Boy. That is nice, isn't it ?

I think she is tired. The plumber came here early. I think she is tired of the plumber too.

We went for a walk when the plumber left. She let me run around without the leash and I was good and did not go in the street and I stopped sniffing that man when she told me to. That is why I am a Good Boy.

She said she had to buy Dirt. I don't understand what that means. She complains if I have dirt on my feet. She is always fussing about dirt on the floor. Why does she want to buy dirt ?
She has flowers. We sat on the floor together and Mom put the dirt in a pot and stuck the flowers in it and she told me she loved the flowers. I don't like that but she left the flowers outside and I get to be here inside so I guess it is OK if Mom loves the flowers.

Tomorrow Nely comes. She will kiss me and say things to me that I cannot understand but I let her because she kisses me. She kisses Mom and Dad too. I guess Nely loves us.
Mom and Dad will go somewhere and leave me alone with Nely. I can't sleep when Nely is here. She uses that machine that I hate and I have to leave the room. Then she drags it around the house and I have to keep moving. I am always tired when Nely comes to our house, maybe Mom will take me with her. Do they allow dogs in a Museum? I hope so.
Maybe I will go put on Dad's tee shirt, she always laughs when she puts his clothes on me.


  1. Ah, but you are a Good Boy!

    Liza Bean Bitey (of the Minneapolis Biteys) and Dolly Gee Squeakers (formerly of the Humane Society Squeakers) send their love and a number of veiled threats.

    Pffft. Cats. What're you gonna do?



  2. You are a great boy! and your Mommy loves you much.. You have alot in common with my Little Dolce .. only he is a Yorkie and about 6lbs. He posts on Fridays to give me a little break.

    Now go give your Mommy some Paws&Licks... it will make her feel lots better... XO


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