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Monday, August 16, 2010

Parks, Parrots, Pups

The City has gone on a rampage, they are tree trimming. I am from the group who thinks that you really don't have to cut That Much .. whether it is your hair or your trees. So I am  quite a bit bothered by the sight of some of my favorite trees in the park, being cut into the shapes of large broccoli.
And then they leave all the branches lying on the ground, making it look even worse.
One of my favorite trees in that park is one of the Ombu, like a Banyon, they grow forever and continue to reach out with their great huge branches. People who should know better and children , often climb on a branch that is swooping down to the ground and make them rock and swing.. well, they are gone now.
The branches were lying along the ground , now they are lying on the ground, in piles.
I am sure my friends the parrots aren't crazy about it either.. they certainly were busy with the pods on the trees and making their presence know... little bright green squadrons flying low over our heads, squawking all the while.

It was a holiday today, we took Pup for a walk that ended up being a long stroll through the parks, admiring the signs of Spring that are showing here and there.
Pup met another pup .. not sure what they spoke about but the little pup hated to leave. I think he was still unconvinced that they were the same type of pup.
Boats passing , testing the waters for warmer days ahead.
Everywhere we looked, Spring was peeking out at us. It has been a long cold winter ( to me) so I am really looking forward to warmer weather. . and more beautiful signs of Spring

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  1. I love the picture of Pup's conversation!


  2. Oh, I'm so glad spring is finally headed your way! It looks like it will be a beautiful one...despite the tree slaughter. I hate seeing excessive pruning seems so uneccesary.
    The parrots are fun to see them instead of crows and offense to the crows and pigeons (we have mostly crows).

    Happy Spring!

  3. I'm not crazy about the branches on the ground, either.

    Give Pup a pat for me...


  4. Hope Spring comes soon for you but I'm not looking forward to Fall and cold

  5. You guys really deserve some warm Spring weather after this very cold winter!!

  6. Beautiful pictures!! Nice post!
    And thank you so much for your nice comment on my post of today!It means a lot to me!

  7. Oh Greet, thank you ... but you must know that I enjoy your blog so much and read it every day .. it is such a pleasure ..

  8. 24 Corners, we don't have crows but the pigeon population is ridiculous. Did you see my photo from the Feeding of the Birds blog ? gads ! it was a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds !

  9. I was over visiting my BlogFriend at "My French Country Home" when I looked up to that my comment was posted corectly - when the word Argentina in your comment jumped out like a neon light. Hubby and I have been toying with the idea of exploring living in Argentina for part of the year and the part here in Canada. Neither has ever been, but something just keep leading me there. I would love to hear your thoughts on life there. my email is

    I took a quick visit through your blog and can't wait to visit again... I'm now your newest follower..HHL

  10. Ahh My French Country Home.. how wonderful, I love her blog !
    Thank you for following me and for your comments, I will be in touch.
    un beso


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