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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday - World Cup - Winter

Need I say more?                                                        smh
Well, I will. Spain 1 - Netherlands 0

Of course, Argentina did not get this far in the World Cup but we relegated our hopes to Spain, seeming a natural progression... at least in this house.
We are sort of new to the Futbol/World Cup thing ... so it has been so much fun, so exciting and a bonding experience in it's way, here in our new home.
If you have nothing else to talk about .. besides the weather ... How about that World Cup ! will work.
If you have any memory for names, you are even better off.

And what sort of day is best for staying in and watching a ball game on the telly?
Yep... cold .. rain ... cold.

There were warnings in La Nacion of a cold spell. Brrrr... it is cold already and they are saying it will get colder.
Good thing I know what Winter is about and came prepared, with coats and sweaters that rarely get to come out and play, it is generally too warm for my heavy NorthEast USA winter wear ..

Pup starts out sleeping on his bed. A huge pillow bed for large dogs from Orvis.
We bought this when we brought him home from the breeder.
He still has it.

Pup is 11 years old. The bed is a bit faded from washing but otherwise, the bed and the pup are in fine shape.
He starts out on the bed but maybe half an hour after everyone is tucked in, lights out, quiet.. there will be the sound of pup steps, sometimes blanket dragging ( if I have draped it over him ) and a cold nose saying Hi Mom, then a thump as he lies down on the shaggy fur throw that is his Other Bed. 
Right next to my side.
And there he will remain all night.
Lately, maybe because it is cold, maybe because he just discovered sleeping in a cave is fun.. I find only a nose or a foot sticking out from under the bed in the mornings. 
He is out like a light, snug in his dark cave.
I am considering crawling under there myself with soft blankets and making him a 3rd nest .. why not ??
Although I have to say, his hair is starting to look worse than mine in the mornings !

On winter days like this, the bed goes to the living room in the morning, he sleeps on the bed in here when I am in here .. I am telling you, this dog has a good life.
He must have gotten it from me ... nothing I like more than a nice cozy bed. ( well, yeah, there are things I like more but you know what I mean ... a cozy bed with a box of chocolate, a cozy bed with a box from Tiffany's sitting on it)  ..
So we are preparing for the cold spell, the plumber and hopefully we will have chances to get out with friends who have arrived and are in the midst of settling into to their new home .. here in town.
We have 9 days until we go back to Immigrations and get our Stamp in our Passports and become Official Permanent Residents. ( they told us we are , they gave us a paper saying we are but until I get that stamp in my passport, I am not going to relax).. Then there will be more partying.

My sister in law has called to let us know that we can expect her to visit again, next April or May. Wonderful news. Our nephew will come too and I have hopes of talking her daughter and her husband into coming also. One way or another, I am going to convince the whole family that they should live here too. 
All in all, a good Sunday in Buenos Aires.. How about you? I bet yours was warmer .. 
What did you do? 


  1. Hola!
    I have decided that in my next life I am going to be a PUP and will stand there in line hoping you pick me!! He is seriously one of the luckiest dogs I know, apart from my cat "jeremey" - who gets just as much pampering and pandering to by the way!

  2. LOL, that is what we say ! We want to come back as Pup.
    But he gives so much love and makes us laugh, we are the lucky ones.

  3. Hey wait a minute, I was coming back as Pup. Can we be twins???? That dog has a great life...which of course he deserves!

  4. I am sure we can be twins - I suspect Candice will have every dog and his man want to be pampered in a lovely apartment in Recoleta - Buenos Aires and have a Mum like Candice!!! She could very quickly I think - become a DOG Walker in BA with all of us wannabe "PUPS" to take care of!!!

  5. Oh Pup, the magical lovely beautiful one and only Pup! You do a heart good!

  6. Greetings from challiman! I really like this blog on Pup and his sleeping arrangements. You have a talent for making the most commonplace event interesting.
    Of course, you know I'm a dog person and love hearing about the antics of other people's dogs.
    This morning Spanky and Olive played chase so long they are both passed out on the wood floors, cooling off by panting heartily. I think they'll both be ready for a nap this afternoon.

  7. Thank you challiman !
    Anonymous, Pup does my heart good too ~


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