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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lazy ..

I like a Lazy Saturday . Usually, I enjoy a Lazy Sunday.  
Actually, I like Lazy days ... I guess you could say, I am just a lazy person. 
I would like to blame it on my Southern childhood, where people would answer a request to do something for them, by saying " In due time" ... 
Where my dad would ask, as I ran through the house or out the door , "What's your hurry?" .. 
When someone was expected to arrive, it would not be at 12 o'clock or at 5 o' clock but at "sometime after lunch" or "around supper time" .. and no one would get upset when they were late .. the apology for being late would be something like, "that damn dog was out in the woods and it took him forever to get back to the house", or " we were fishing and it would have been a shame to quit early " ... or ( my personal favorite) " It is too hot to hurry"...

I have always liked to stay up late at night, I don't really start running full steam until afternoon, so it always seems like I will miss something if I go to bed .. and living here, staying up is so easy. 
Dinner is after 9 pm. Bedtime has to be late.
But when morning comes, I feel as if someone is dragging me out of my nice warm nest and throwing me out into the cold. 
I need to ease my way into the day, coffee in bed, coffee once I am out of bed and more coffee to make my way down the hall to this  room, where Pup will hop up on the bed and snuggle down in the blankets he has waiting for him and I will snuggle down here in my chair and read my emails and wake up .. slowly .. no sense in hurrying ..

This Saturday was an excellent example of a Lazy day .
We took Pup to the park late in the afternoon, we walked slowly ... we didn't walk so much as we meandered.
Even Pup was sniffing things slower, not dashing up the great staircase to the top by the British Embassy but a quick walk .. hopping up the steps, stopping at the landing to be sure we were coming along .. waiting for us at the top.

Then home to watch a futbol game.
Tomorrow.. Sunday, ahhhh ~ I love Sundays.
Lazy slow moving Sundays...
We have something to do in the morning,  there is a Futbol game in the afternoon, we will be on the sofa, the three of us , snuggled in and warm and lazy..
Will you be lazy or will you be full of energy and up and out and about ?


  1. We should all be more lazy. Life would be a lot better. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Today was a lazy day around here too. The weather has been awful, very gray and cold!!! No beach, just soccer for the men, homework for me and sewing for my daughter...From time to time a lazy day is just what we need...

  3. Love the lazy days..............


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