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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Little Rain , A Little Music ...

Today it has rained hard, it has been very cold and very windy.
Needless to say, the only time anyone has been outside has been to walk the dog.
And it was not me.
It was the Saint. . otherwise known as my Husband.
I waited by the door with towels and a blow dryer and a couple of  brushes.
My husband took care of himself, I spent a little while each time, drying, ruffling, brushing, blowing and fluffing Pups wet hair that hangs on to water like it is glue. And he likes nothing better than that old game of Grab the towel and Pull. 
Picture me, on the floor .. hanging on to the towel, Pup with the end of the towel in his mouth ... pulling  .. .. me, sliding across the floor, weak with laughter.
( yeah, he looks all happy and friendly, but just try to take that towel off him ... maniac in a wet dog suit)
Eventually, he got dry ( sorta) ..I put everything away,  then put the damp things in the dryer and walked around muttering, It smells like Wet Dog in here.
The guilty one would glance up in surprise .. Dog ? Dog? Where ??? and go back to gnawing on what is left of his rawhide bone... which has suddenly become more precious than life and I have to hide it to keep him from carrying it out with him when he is walked.
Right now he is sleeping   .. mangled slimy bone by his hind foot.. If I go near it, no matter how deep that sleep is, he will pop up and grab it .. But no, I will let him sleep, mangling rawhide bones is tiring.

So besides walking and drying a dog today, we listened to music.
I was not in the mood for Classical that much ..  let's get some bounce in our step, some finger snapping, some hip swaying, some swooning to a romantic dance music ! So that must mean Tango at our house.. or something like it.

Here it is .. hope you enjoy it... whatever the weather is at your house.. 


  1. I love tango music, even though it is too hot to move here!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful music!


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