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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Good Time For A Walk in the Park

OK, so it is cold outside. 
And everyone was out late last night and slept in this morning. 
It is the afternoon, there are futbol games on all of the channels.. therefore, no one is out in the fresh air, they are all huddled inside with the telly and the futbol boys.
The game we will watch is on in an hour.. we ran errands and bought beautiful Salmon that I believe was swimming around in Patagonia just the other day and a pot of soup is bubbling quietly .. 

It was a good time to take Pup for some much needed venting of Pup Energy.
He might not be a spring pup anymore but he has boundless reserves of energy. 
We walked down to the park......... make that Husband walked, Pup dragged me down to the park.
No one was around. A couple of tourists and even they took fast photos of the statue and took off for a warm pub somewhere.. or the Hard Rock Cafe..
So we had the park to ourselves.. you can see that even in winter, there is plenty of green here
Here.. you can see how nice it is to have a park to yourself ..
just you and the Pup .. who often looks like a brown lamb grazing in the grass. 
You can say hello to one of the ladies in the statue .. and see the pretty winter sky beyond her ...
You can see my favorite trees 
and the really really big trees 
and there is that brown lamb again !
Now off for a cuppa tea and a rousing exciting futbol game.
 Today it is Go USA ! 
                                                Tomorrow, we are all about ¡ Vamos Argentina !


  1. No more split loyalties, it is all Argentina for you now! Vamos Argentina.

    I love the brown lamb.

  2. Condolences for the USA Ghana match...Ghana is on a roll and secretly I am loving that they are doing well for an African nation...

    Vamos Argentina for Ant now too!!

    Having looked at your pics today, I so want to meet you and Pup in that park for a natter in October! I feel like I know you by reading and vicariously living your BA life!!

  3. Ant .. just send an email when you are here !


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