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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, June 25, 2010


It is Friday.
Got plans?
I remember when Friday was the longed for day that never seemed to get there .. it was the End of the Rainbow, the Prize at the end of the Race ... Friday.
It felt different when you woke up on Friday. 
Full of anticipation, plans were already buzzing for what there was to do after work .. when the last client walked out the door.. the last phone call , the last thought of Work. 
For 2 whole days, no work, no thinking about work, no talking about work... please, no talking about work.

Choices ... eat in or out ? 
with friends or without? stay around the neighborhood or head out somewhere new?
And that was just for Friday night ! 
What about Saturday ?? Sleep late? Get up early, jump in the car and head out of town? 
Get things done around the house and go out with Friends for dinner ? A party?
Of throw some things and Pup in the car and head out of town, going Upstate to a hotel ? to the beach?

Now we are in a place that friends and family think of as a Vacation place .. foreign travel place .. 
Definitely No Work place .. 
Everyone here stays up late, eats late, with friends and family, laughing , eating , drinking, music is a big part of life wherever you go.
You can walk down the street and pass shops where the music is so great, you want to start dancing right there on the sidewalk.

A young mother walked out the door with a baby in a carriage, softly singing a lullaby, young men in the park with guitars and good voices, singing, eyeing the girls who are looking right back at them !
Free concerts, free dance, everywhere you go there is something to entertain you.

So the choices are the same, in a way.
Eat in or out ? Tonight we will eat in, it is cold out, we are expecting an iChat with someone .
What about Saturday ? I think perhaps Palermo , shopping in the boutiques, lunch in a nice cafe. 
Dinner? no idea .. Sunday? Chinatown? Puerto Madero ? it all depends on how cold it is .. how long we want to be walking around outdoors. 
It has been pretty cold lately.. I made a note to myself, next apartment we buy here, if we ever do such an insane thing.. will have a fireplace. 

So what are you doing tonight? What does your weekend have in store for you?

photos .. google images & Beekman Arms, NY, Montauk NY Lighthouse, 


  1. It must be strange to live in a country that most people think of as a holiday destination. I often find it odd living in a city that is so famous for its arts and cultural influence. But it's a great buzz, too. And if I could I would eat out every night!

    Great video too. :)

  2. Friday! The most holy of the workweek days. :-)

    As for my plans, I'm thinking three margaritas and my new book, Dave Eggers "Zeitoun".

    Mmm. Drunken reading. :-)


  3. I notice it more here than when we lived in NYC because of the languages. But it adds a very nice aspect to life in a city- when you the local can also be a tourist. The place is so big, we have lived here 3 years and still haven't seen everything ..

    Pearl.. Drunken reading is beyond my skills. I would get as far as opening the book, maybe to the right page.
    But you should see me PUI !! yeah !

    (Post Under the Influence)


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