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Friday, May 7, 2010

Yo quiero Buenos Aires ~

  My good friend is going to Italy. She is renting a villa and she will eat and drink and sight-see and do all the things she has on her countless lists and in the books that she has studied and enjoyed for months... perhaps years. She will enjoy the food, the wine and certainly the gelato. 
I can see her in a little sports car, top down, or wait ! on a Vespa, speeding along a winding road in Tuscany .. 

I wanna go too !!!!

  My good friend in California is going to Venice. He is renting an apartment inches away from the canal .. or overlooking a piazza  ... He will eat himself silly and walk and take gondolas and he will sleep like a baby full of gelato and he will shop, did I mention shopping?
I wanna go too ....

Oh .. wait a minute ... I did go to a place that was foreign and everyone spoke another language and the people laugh and drink wine and sit in cafes all the time and they love gelato !! 

They ride Vespas and all sorts of motor bikes and small cars and they like to honk too !

They love Pasta and Pizza and Limoncello .. and babies and pups.

Yo quiero Buenos Aires ..

                                            Thank you bobintalk for the use of your  Tango Argentino poster photo 


  1. We've been trying to make time to get to Italy for a year now. Sounds lovely!


  2. Your place sounds heavenly to me.

  3. One gelato for you, one for me. One proseccor for you, one for me. I promise not to ride a Vespa but otherwise enjoy the experience fully!!!! I'll even do a little shopping, too.

    ciao y besos

  4. Italy sounds great! I love ice cream too!!!
    This year I'm going to Galapagos Islands tours and then I'll tell you about the ice cream!


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