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Alan Cohen
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Friday, May 7, 2010

What happens when you lose touch with the rest of the world ....

Our computer went out in the afternoon, on Tuesday.
Our phone was making such a terrible static noise that we were pretty much unable to use it.
After calling and begging for the First Available Appointment with Cable ..  the person at cable  said something about next week .... I went into the bedroom to throw a silent fit and my husband brilliantly found a card that had the name of a young man at Cable who speaks a soupçon of English.
This lovely young man said next week, the husband said something ( most likely begging at this point... I missed it) and the young man said he would call back.

Yeah, right, heard that one before.

So we decided there was nothing more we could do about the computer, we went to the store to find a good telephone.
We got one, came home, easily hooked it up despite the fact that all the instructions are in Spanish and I have to figure it all out with the help of my online translator ( now that I am , thankfully, back online) and we made a phone call.
And that awful static noise was there again. 
How do you say Merde in Español ?

Next we go to the phone company where we lucked out.. of the 2 girls at the desk, one spoke a tiny bit of English.. ( Yes, we do speak Spanish .. pathetically, but we do ... but we are not advanced enough to discuss technical difficulties with cable or telephone personnel ). She told us they would check ... she came back and said our Wires are just fine ... great !

So we have a new phone, fine wires and mucho static ... it has to be in the little plug thingees in the wall. 
I have to get the telephone person to understand this .. how do you say thingee in Español ??

So we walked miles to a store where they sell the little "sticks" that you put in your laptop and get internet.
But of course, after hours ( or so it seemed) of walking , talking and shopping, we found that we have to buy the stick ( not cheap) and then sign up for a monthly service ( not free) so the day was spent doing too much walking and getting too little accomplished.

How do you say ^&%#$*@&* in Español ?

So back home .. 
I sit down and explain things to Pup .. how Mama and Daddy have no toys now and we are going to read books and play with him .. a lot ... and Mama will cook ... a lot .. 
And then we will eat ... a lot ... but we will take Pup on walks ... a lot .. and we will all have a great time.

And so we did.

The weather has been perfect fall weather.. blue skies, sunshine and chilly in the mornings, warming up to sweater weather during the days.
Nights are perfect for sleeping  under a nice puffy comforter .

We each started reading a book from our new supply brought by the family .. My husband is reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I am reading something Historical with no name that I can remember... 
It  has to have something to do with speaking a new language, I don't remember things anymore .. except where I hid the chocolate. 
But the book is one of those fluffy paperbacks that will be finished in a day .. then on to meatier stuff like Crime novels and Mysteries. ... goodie.

We watched one of the DVD's we had ordered, Priceless.. with Audrey Tautou , it takes place in grand hotels in Cannes ... what can be wrong with that ? it was lovely, our first French movie in over 3 years.. ahhhhh... Merci   ~

Then yesterday afternoon, while getting a little annoyed with the need to walk to a locutorio to send an email, to check on loved ones and to find out Important Things... and not having heard from the phone company, we got the Call.
Mañana, 8 am until 1 pm ..

After a little Happy Dance, we sat and watched television and made plans to go to bed early so we would be bright and chipper when the cable man came.
We were up before the birds .. 5 am ? 6?
He arrived  at around 1:30.
But he finished at around 1:45.

So Nely came to clean house, the phone still has static but it looks really good and the ring is  totally European , very pretty.. and everything is back to "normal" again.

Later we will discuss the Argentine news about no longer selling Jiffy Peanut Butter or Pringles Potato Chips and a variety of other imported goods... I am not ready to let go of my good mood yet .. 

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