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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day.

Being a mother can be joyous or it can be quite sad ... especially if you live far away and miss your children and there are times that they need you.. Not in a Need you to do something here kind of way, but need your presence, comfort, advice.

Electronic visiting (iChat and emails) are fine.. but they just don't make it, when all a Mom wants to do is hold her child close.. no matter how big he/she  is or how old or dignified ... Come here and give your mom a kiss !

So those of you with children at home, or close by ...
I was like you one time, I took it for granted that they would be close always, that I would be able to see them when I felt like it, hold them or just watch them ... but you never know what Life throws your way and where you or they might end up... so if they are there, grab them close, breathe in that scent of that person that you brought into the world and helped guide to this point in his or her life and memorize it all. 

Because some day .... there might come a time ... when you just have to  remember or rely on memories and how they look on the computer screen ...

I miss my babies. 

They need to start looking into the options for moving to another country, where their mum and dad live. I see no reason why they should not.
I am still the Mom and I know best.


  1. Happy Mothers day Candice! I thought about you yesterday thinking that I bet the next time I go to the blog we will have a piece on Mothers...
    I hope Pup gave you all the love you needed with your other KIDS being far way!
    SUERTE! Ant

  2. I know my living over here is agony for my mom, but I try to explain that I am a happier daughter and therefore a better daughter, living somewhere that fulfills me. My grandmothers both lay the guilt on thick every time I talk to them, which I wish they wouldn't, but I know they are just expressing how much they miss me.

    Thank goodness for airplanes. :)
    Hope you had a good day.

  3. I miss my little ones already and they're still small and living at home! Just thinking of them growing up and moving away rips my heart. I posted about them today, as well.

    I'm sorry you're far from them. I can't imagine. I think I'll be Marie Barone and make mine live across the street, LOL.


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