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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday = grocery shopping

We woke up to a grey day, cold and raw and my husband has a cold. His throat is sore, I need to make soup.. sopa ! Chicken soup. So after dawdling and reluctantly getting out of warm and fuzzy clothes ... we got bundled up and went to the Super Mercado .. Coto ! We walk there, through the park, not far, I think we walk more inside the store than we do getting there. It is huge. They have everything that you can want .. in Argentina. My husband likes to linger a little in the wine section. Last summer, right before New Years, there were people giving away Gancia Limon. Oh my ... there is nothing like this sweet, tart, bubbly wine on a hot summer day .. too much gets you a nice headache but it is a nice refreshing drink. Now though, we are all about Malbec and maybe some Pinot Noir. We have a beautiful wine store down the block from where we live... no one goes without wine in this town from lack of stores..

See all that mayonnaise ? See the name Hellmans ? Yeah ... but guess what ... it is Hellman's, made here , so it doesn't taste like Hellman's made in the US. I don't like it at all. Therefore, I rarely eat mayonnaise anymore. I , the one who liked nothing better than a fresh tomato sliced with some mayo on some toast for lunch .. a good potato salad, glopped together with mayo .. tuna, chicken sandwiches, you name it, this girl from the South liked her Mayo .... but .. no more. But if I ever need any, I know where to go.

Of course, we are in Argentina. We can get all the Maté we want. And sugar. Thing is.. I don't like the taste of Maté ... I stick to my Earl Grey, Orange Spice or Constant Comment, ( pinkie in the air) Thank you very much. 
Thanks to michaelandtom for the mayo photo

Dinner was chicken soup with carrots and celery, I know the names in Spanish, I shopped at the produce market for the veggies ... this is when I feel very much like I am in a foreign country .. when I am not buying my veggies that look perfect but rarely taste as good as they look at Whole Foods .. or Fairway or whatever city you are in. 
I buy things that arrived this morning on a truck. They still have dirt on them. They taste like what they are ... and I pick out which ones I want and how many and someone puts them in little bags and ties them shut for me . ( and this someone is learning to speak English so my husband or I speaks Spanish for the Transaction and the young man replies in English. )
He is definitely learning faster than we are , he will put us to shame. Or I should speak for myself... he will put me to shame. Pup will put me to shame. He knows more Spanish that we do , he just isn't letting on that he knows. 

So that was Monday in Buenos Aires.
Tomorrow... we will see how the man with the cold feels. Maybe the cinema? 


  1. My mom is a Constant Comment drinker too...haha. Hope H feels better soon!

  2. One of my Daughter's classmates asked her if there were groceries in Argentina???????????? Someone else asked if Argentina had bills and coins???????????? Sometimes I wonder what do they think Argentina is? Some other days I think I should tell them to read your blog.

    Hope your Husband gets well soon!!

  3. Trish, your mama has such good Tea Taste ! My husband introduced me to Constant Comment when we first met .. lovely.

    He is feeling much better, thanks to me feeding him until he is begging me to stop :)

    It is a shame that so many people have no clue about where Argentina is and what it is like here. I hear some pretty ignorant questions myself..
    I think the US school systems might consider re-introducing Geography and that sort of thing back into the curriculum.

    My only problem with the geography of the place is remembering that South is colder :)

  4. So nice to hear that you and your husband enjoy Constant Comment! It's fun to envision you in Argentina--with your pinkie in the air--enjoying a cup of tea! Take care!
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea

  5. Bigelow !
    My husband introduced me to Constant Comment 100 years ago .. (that is how long we have been married) .. so far, no matter where we have traveled and lived in this world, we have our Constant Comment :)
    Thank you for commenting ~


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