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Friday, March 19, 2010

Three Years !

The third anniversary of our arrival in Buenos Aires is getting close. April 20th, we stepped off of that plane and into our new lives.

Every year for three years, we have to renew our Visa and this year, the Third year, is the last renewal. Then we will be Permanent Residents and will not have to endure the stress of going to Immigraciones and sit and wait and stand in lines and wait and sit and be told that they need another paper, that this needs to be an original, that they need a Second copy of our marriage certificate, or how will they know that we are not really brother and sister.

Yes, that is what she said. And yes, for one of the few times in my life, I was speechless... I sputtered a bit and my sweet husband made calm soothing noises and my head did not blow up.

So this year we are getting ready early.
We went to Immigraciones and got the list of what they need.
The marriage certificate is not on the list .. phew!
Everything else we can get.. we went right away to the police who did a background check on us and were able to confirm that no, we have not committed any crimes this past year and we are not on any Wanted posters in Argentina .

Next we get to go see our friends at the United States Embassy, where they will write letters for us and send us on our way, armed with official looking letters with stamps on them. The people at Immigraciones love stamps and stamping things. Almost as much as making you sit on uncomfortable chairs and waiting for them to finish their coffee and their kissing every single co-worker who comes in the door and then stamping some more papers.

I think we might plan a party. Even if it is only for the 3 of us ( although Pup doesn't get an Argentine residents paper, he will still enjoy the celebration, he is such a party animal)..


  1. This makes me wonder what it's like "on the other end" here in America. When my family moved here, "all resident aliens MUST register during the month of January" was a regular mantra at our house. Then it was done away with, but I remember even in high school, my family members were still registering! I felt so wonderful to be exempt since I was born in America.

    Is that a Halloween bandana on the Pup??? Well, yes, I believe all 3 of you along with whatever friends you have in BA should celebrate for days on end when you don't have to do this whole registration business any longer.

  2. Hi Candice! How funny that you write about visas, papers and all that fun stuff because I was going to ask you about it. You know that even though we call ourselves Argentinians, I was born in Brazil and my Husband and kids in USA, so we will be tourists when we move back. To renew the visa for 3 years, sounds a lot easier that going straight for Residency...something to consider. Thank you for the tip!!

  3. Check this blog for more information on residency requirements and info:

  4. I can't believe you had to go through that every year. I had a two-year visa that I had to extend and then I applied for permanent residency. I hope that next year I can apply for citizenship and be a dual Canadian/UK citizen.

    I have a habit of keeping all my paperwork, in case I need to supply some agency with it. What a pain, but I'm finally getting the hang of it. Good luck with all the forms and red tape!

  5. Congratulations Candice! I hope that now that you get your permanent residency you don't start thinking on moving somewhere else, as I saw in some of your older posts you were starting to feel homesick and having some thoughts of moving to Paris or London. But who doesn't dream of living in Paris?


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