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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Busy Day in Buenos Aires

It is a quiet,   gloomy sort of day. The sort that a person is very lucky if they can just be lazy and the biggest chore of the day is walking a certain Pup and maybe picking up something at the fruit market.
But of course, no walk with Pup would be complete if there weren't a small side trip to wander up and down a couple of favorite streets.

Made favorites by the buildings on them, the small semi-hidden park or the view.

Even Pup didn't seem that ambitious today.
We  are supposed to get rain, I guess we are all feeling it in our bones.

So we slowly wandered from our park where the statue looks out towards the Belle Artes Museum,

to the Big Park where the Big Statue overlooks the entire park and way beyond,  past the British Embassy and down the little cobblestone streets .

There are these trees with flowers in them... they look like giant lilies.. hot pink with yellow centers.. hummingbirds are darting in and out , filling up. There are great bunches of small to large yellow "berries" or nuts at the tops of the Palm Trees, the birds , especially the parrots are having a good old time with those. You have to be careful when walking under one, someone will spit out something and it will hit you on  the head.

Crossing over to the little park that is between the big parks, we watch an army of leaf cutter ants, marching along paths that are worn in the grass, to the big statue where they disappear inside the base of the statue.
My husband wonders aloud, what would happen if that were opened, I shudder.
But they do look funny, what seems like a long line of little pieces of leaves, flowers etc, walking along a path in the grass, worn bare by all those marching ant feet.

I don't know if they eat the leaves or use them to build homes but they are definitely stocking up on little bits of greenery. Will it keep them warm through the winter?

There is a fashion shoot at the foot of the steps to the huge statue of the man on the horse overlooking the park.

I was not paying attention, Pup wandered over to the model .. the photographer muttered something, the model laughed and petted Pup, I finally noticed and called him back, apologising , the photographer smiled , all was forgiven .
Now I wonder if Pup will appear on a magazine cover somewhere .. kissing up to some pretty girl.. shameless beggar for attention.

I see buildings I would like to live in, buildings that make me wonder who lives in them and streets that are just so quiet and peaceful, I need to live there !

Then we stop at the bakery and pick up some scones for tea and meander home.

Another busy day in Buenos Aires ~


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  2. Yes, I can picture Pup now, on the cover of a fashion mag, using his pawprint as his signature on contracts..and stamping out the message "send my royalty checks to C, she lives with me and will deposit them for me"!!

  3. are living a life i do dream about. You have a lovely blog. Thank you for commenting on mine :)


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