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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home is where ......

One would think that I might have had enough with the packing and the moving and the saying goodbyes. 
But I think what has happened is, that our first moves were baby steps, moving from the US to Argentina was a big step .. beeeg step .. and now that we have taken such a big step, after 3 years here, I am getting the itch to take another step.
I have plenty of places in mind, but France and England always pop up first in the mental game of Where Do We Want To Go Next ...

If England were to give me problems with my sweet Pup coming along, then France it is ... although we do like the idea of Barcelona ( at least we will sort of speak the Language) or Italy ... Florence still has a great appeal to us both . My husband gets all happy every time he sees a Vespa here, I know he sees himself, zooming along some via in Italy, scarf flying in the wind, fancy Italian sunglasses on... Me ? I will be sitting at a cafe with Pup, after a successful afternoon of shopping for a perfect Italian leather handbag and will get home in my little sports car, top down for Pup. I don't like riding on the back of a scooter .. even if it does go fast.

There would be no doubt as to how much we would like the food and the wine , enjoy the shopping and spending our days exploring the countryside and little towns.

But Paris ? If I won the Lottery, we would already be there.

I see Pup and I wandering the shops on the Left Bank, my favorite street of shoe stores, picking up pastries and cheeses for an afternoon snack. Walking past the Eiffel Tower after dinner.

We did this (sans Pup) on our last trip to Paris, I use that memory as the script for the Real Thing. 
But do memories ever really turn out as well in Real Life?
I will have to learn French, more than just Menu and Tourist French. Will I speak it with a Spanish accent now ? Will I end up being totally unintelligible to everyone but Pup?

But then there is England. 
My great -grandmother was from England. I have that vaguest of connections. 
Other than that my husband and I have been there so many times and we love it there so much, we love the people, the countryside and going to the theatre and listening to an orchestra playing wonderful music in a great old cathedral. We heard Vivaldi at St Martins in the Fields one year, I will never forget the beauty of it.

I would live outside of the city if I had to .. I can see myself, in my Wellingtons, stomping around in the mud , Pup alongside me, visiting the local Pub in the afternoon with my husband. 
I can play darts ! My husband is a fabulous dart player, we will be welcomed with open arms .
But then, how easy will it be to get Pup into England? Will we be able to afford something other than one room in Brixton ? I have to do more thinking on this ..

One of the Blogs that I really enjoy is called saffron & Blueberry. This lady takes some of the most fabulous photographs. It is all her fault that I am again, considering living in England.
I have been in England in summer, spring and fall... I never saw it with snow. This is a good enough reason for me to go back.

If you could do what I seem to be making a habit of doing, where would you go and why? 
Can you really imagine being able to live there, this dream place that you have visited or not ? 
I never really imagined living in South America. I rarely thought of visiting South America. 
We came here to visit at the end of October and 7 months later we moved here. 
We are still coming to grips with what we did. Pup is still waiting for the car to arrive so we can go for a ride and he can stick his head out the window. An occasional taxi driver is fine with that, so at least Pup is able to enjoy that, but he still doesn't understand why we sit in the back seat with him.

Today we will take Pup to the Groomer and have a nice "conversation" with Hugo. Then we will pick up dry cleaning, go to the market and come home. 
Home ... a lovely word. But what is Home ? Where your Things are, where your Loved Ones are, where your Heart is ? As long as you have those, Home is anywhere you want it to be .....


  1. My goodness Candice, you are too kind! I plot my escape from England on a dailyc x basis so am feeling quite sheepish that I'm enticing you to move here. Also, about the snow, I should tell you that we get hardly any in London. That picture (and there are more which I will probably post this week actually) is from the freak snowfall we had one day last year that paralyzed the whole nation. Of course if you move to the countryside, you're more likely to get snow. Either way, if you move here or to Paris, it would be lovely to meet you. =)

  2. Europe sounds lovely. We spent a month in Italy and France, it was during that trip that I realized I wasn't going to stay in the States forever.
    "The world is like a book, if you don't travel, you only read one page..."

  3. Brilliant! I am so enjoying you blog and all the wonderful pictures. Oh to ride a Vespa in cheap sunglasses, a short skirt and a long jacket!

  4. It will be fun to see where your next adventure takes you.

  5. Where is home? What a good question. My heart is often in Italy. Just outside of Florence, where I used to live, or to Rome, a city I've grown to love so much over the past several years. I have relatives in Montreal, but don't think I would want to live somewhere colder than where I live now. My BFF wants to retire to Hawaii in the next 5 or 6 years and says I can live with her and her family. Which is nice, but I'm not so sure I'd want to live so far away from almost everyone I know. But for the time being, I am living here. And that is fine.


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