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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dance with me ~

We went to San Telmo. 
We wanted to look at antiques and just wander the the area, one of the most charming areas in town. 
I love going on a weekday when there are a few less visitors and we can just wander the old cobblestone streets, with rows of old buildings with the iron balconies and tile roofs, window boxes full of flowers, beautiful great huge doors in walls. And behind those doors , I am sure are hidden gardens, water fountains, flowers, birds and surely a lazy cat dozing in the sun. 

As we walked along the narrow sidewalk, we would pass open windows ... music would be coming from some of them. . Tango mostly.
We had to walk in single file, the sidewalks are so narrow. Once in a while, I could see in a window, mostly dark shadowy rooms, sometimes a garden in the back, there was one with not only music, but dancing.

A couple was dancing,  in the living room, alone,  no lights on , just the shadowy room on a warm day . Windows open, music floating out into the street where I stood, waiting for someone to dance with  me...
Foreheads touching, arms stiffly held out, bodies close but not touching, swaying, stepping back, back, the music, dance with me .....

What would my husband have thought if I had pulled him into a dance ? Into the street, humming the tune under my breath, dance with me.
He would have  and as usual, he would have ended it with a with me.

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  1. I know he would have loved to have danced with you! And of course it ends with a kiss!


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