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Monday, January 27, 2020

Thank You to the Firemen

I am limping because I bruised the arch of my foot.
I'm going to be a lazy baby and do nothing all day..I did enough last night.

Sounds interesting but No Fun was had..
Unless you're a fireman .......a very bored fireman.

The condo that I live in is built like a loft,sort of.
Very nice, I really like it.

Until a faulty smoke detector goes off.
Then the swinging a broom at it technique does no good,no ladder is high enough and then the
Fire trucks show up.

Ever notice how handsome Firemen are?

So they came in, calling me M'am and checked out the entire house then left.
Oh yes,a couple of terrified cats got some attention and one of them (cats) decided she would like to sit in a firemans lap every day.

Those poor guys,they don't get paid enough!
Although that little cat might not have a bad idea.

No fire no damage All Is Well..
Thank you Bartram Firemen!!


  1. Yes indeed...they can be very handsome!! hahaha!!

    1. All I could think about was did my hair look ok.

  2. Thank you cigalechanta,I am fine. Just being boring , so L am sparing all my friends...
    So far it has been a quiet birthday spent with cats🐱🐱🐱
    Sending love, C


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