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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hello Fleas, My Name is Candy

Hello .. my cats get flea and tick drops and they wear flea collars sometimes.
Not Minette so much, she is the Houdini of kitties, she can get out of anything.

Merlin doesn't care, collar schmarlar .. let him sleep already !! And make something tasty for dinner.

Honey is the biggest cat , I have a hard time picking her up .. her size, weight and the added difficulty of her being so huge and such silky fur ... she slides right out of your arms.
All the while, meowing in the tiny high pitched voice of a little kitten.
It's all an act, she can beat the neighbors dogs a$$.

So ... where did I get fleas ?
I have bites.
I know flea bites. Sadly fleas love the taste of me.

So I am in my house, not out side, with indoor cats and they are wearing flea collars and I might get myself one also.

It is hot out there.
Storms forecast for later. Good ... it will cool things off for 20 minutes and help increase the mosquito population.  Cause low lying areas to flood ...All things we need.

A friend quit emailing me.
All she did was cry about something that has been going on for years .. I made the mistake of giving an opinion instead of just a pat on the back ... after years of pats on the back.

I recommend blogging.
Don't send your friends daily updates on all the Bad things going on in your life and then be angry at them for replying with encouragement or advice.
If blogging doesn't appeal, then talk to your spouse ... they are stuck with you, you can't drop them just because you didn't like the advice/opinion of a friend.

Now My Advice for anyone who sees a stray cat or puppy.
Douse yourself with bug repellent. Then save the cat or puppy.
Or get a few bites, in the Grand Scheme of Things .... You did a Good Thing.

Benadryl Lotion, clear, scentless, works immediately. Just in case.


Anonymous said...

How do your cats get fleas if indoor cats? From being on the mania? Are you sure they're flea bites and not mosquito bites?

Anonymous said...

Not mania, lol. Lanai.

Candice said...

LOL Anony, Mania works too :)

We are surrounded by lawns and a forest with all sorts of little creatures that come out in the night ... plus its Florida .. a buggy place to live :)

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