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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Online Forums

For years, I have participated in a couple of online forums.
One was TripAdvisor, when we started planning our trip to Buenos Aires, it was a good site for advice and info.
Then I discovered Fodor's which turned into a good site for messing about on the computer when bored. Now Fodor's is just too boring and much of it is old advice .. and often not very nice people will post something nasty rather than Thank You etc.

There was always Tripadvisor.
That is a Travel website and can be full of excellent advice and information.
I would still use it for help when planning a trip.
But avoid the "chat forum" ... there was some sort of revamp on TA and they seem to have gotten rid of all the editors who kept it polite at least and on topic - Travel.
Now you have angry older males who enjoy being rude, attacking strangers on the internet and generally ruining whatever good there might be about ever going online to TripAdvisor.

I imagine times are hard, salaries are low and there are less people "minding the store" ... and if you have been on there for years and someone made you a Destination Expert, you are a target for bored men with nothing to do but troll online.

Good morning, I am your target for the day ...

After having 2 attacks in one hour, the jerk at least got his insults deleted but that is not the atmosphere I am going for ... so I checked out.
Let them bicker and insult and TripAdvisor will lose more and more readers / travelers .

Fodors used to be a good forum for Travel info and discussion, they have gone the same direction.
Grown adults who are lucky enough to travel or have traveled and they spend hours online, trolling the forums, insulting people, being nasty ... do I want to look back on my day and think about what I did .. was it fun ? was it worth the time spent ? will I be glad an entire day was spent being snarky, unkind, nasty ?

Perhaps they are bitter and unhappy and feel the need to share... my advice, get a part time job, even if it is as a volunteer... it might make you nice again.

So I am no longer a commenter on Travel Forums. Hopefully my resolve will last.
I know my avoidance of ugly people and their comments will last and my dislike for most of them will not go away so I think I will be safe.
That's what is nice about a blog ... I am Queen ... I can cut off your head / comment if I don't like it.
But lucky me ... so far, I have not cut off one comment .. other than typical spam we all know.

So here we are ... A New Day ...
                                        This is where I used to live. I miss it every day.
                                      But I do know that I was lucky to have been there..

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Barbara H. said...

Yes, comments / replies can be a dangerous, upsetting thing to read. I was appalled when I read comments on news stories and then learned about "trolls". I've decided that should I ever make the news for whatever reason, especially a nice reason, I will never read the comments. It's interesting because intellect tells us to ignore this type of thing but darn, it can cut to the quick even when you are not the person involved.

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