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Alan Cohen
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Friday, March 9, 2018

This Is Glamorous

This Is Glamorous is one of my favorite blogs. I am on the computer in the morning with my first cup of coffee for the day, cats napping here and there and I lose myself for a while in beautiful images.
What I found delightful today was in this photo ..

Years ... many years ago, my husband and I ,  were browsing through antique shops in NYC , not in any posh area ... and we found this mirror.
It was propped against a pile of rugs, dirty and dull wood .. the glass was in bad shape, black showing through in streaks where age and not being cared for, had done their job in the mirror ..

We bought it immediately. I have a "Thing" for mirrors .. 

We brought it home and cleaned it up and kept it for about a week .. seeing it in our home every day .. My husband said one day, we have to paint that thing.

So his idea ( not mine at all!) was to paint it Chinese Red.
He painted it. I disapproved.

It stayed red for about a year .. then we moved house and when we were all settled in to that house, the mirror was painted white. By yours truly. He saw what good ideas I had and that mirror hangs at the top of the stairs, here in my home .. about 20 years older than it was when it came to be with us.


Barbara H. said...

It's a beautiful picture and I love the mirror story. Some things become old, old friends that we get to enjoy every time we see them. I specially like it when my eyes suddenly fasten on an old friend that has faded into the background over time, only to suddenly pop out and say "Hi! Remember me?".

CDF said...

Yes! Exactly!
I admit that we did a bit of collecting of mirrors . A stranger coming into my home might get the impression that I like to look at myself :)

Barbara H. said...

I have that addiction, too. I now give myself a stern talking to reminding myself that even if I should find a spot for another one, I must resist. Strangely, that seems to be working!

CDF said...

Barbara, let me know how long it works lol

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