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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Looking Back - Buenos Aires

Photo: This Is Glamorous
I am reminded of the home we had in Buenos Aires. Every door in the flat was a French door .. the ceilings were ridiculously high and it was a dream come true to move into that home that we had dreamt of, that we designed to look like the above photo rather than the drab sad place that the realtor showed us that day.
As they say .. It had bones.
And they were beautiful.

I remember the fun we had shopping for and buying furniture and lighting and all the appliances.
We went to antique shops and bought the chandeliers, we bought soft bedding and a posh sofa in a more modern sort of "mall" and we excitedly hung the paintings and prints we had collected over the years.
This entire period of time, the house hunt, the planning and rehab and finished product were the happiest days .. not the happiest ever but on that list of Happiest Times.

There are many days that I wish we were still there .. but the way things turned out, I guess it was fate that made sure I was here in the US when suddenly made a widow.
I can't quite imagine how I would have managed alone in Buenos Aires .. but sometimes I really would like to find out .


Barbara H. said...

It's hard to leave those happy, beautiful places behind, but yes, it probably would have been a nightmare. Death is hard no matter what but to have an upheaval like that in another country might have been devastating. My older sister lived in Buenos Aires for 30 years but fortunately had moved back to the States after her husband's death. She died a couple of years later and it was hard enough dealing with everything living in the same city. Your loss was profound and will always be with you in one way or another. It's hard to stay in the present but you are on your path to finding your new life.

CDF said...

I can’t think of anything else to say but Thank you very much for your kind and understanding comment. C

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