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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alligators In My Yard ??

Many years ago, my husband and I sold our home in NY and moved to Florida.
Where we lived in a lovely Long Spanish style house on a beautiful property with tall pine trees in back and green grass lawns in front.
In those days, Pup was there with us too.
It was with delight and no little amount of photo taking, that we discovered that Egrets like our yard.
With a room at the back of the house that was all windows, we had a daily show of bird visits  .. all sorts of birds.
It made that house special .. although even that wore off for the my husband  and he wanted to move.

Now all these years later, I look out at the "backyard"... between my home and the forest and I see deer visiting, little racoons who surprisingly like cat kibble and the cats, the ones that have no home or an owner who does not take care of their cat.

There is a pretty lake on the property here.
It has a sidewalk on one side and just grass all around, the water comes through a series of springs and creeks etc.
So today the neighbor lady and I were walking and talking and lo and behold, I can add
Alligators to the List of Things Seen In My Yard, even though technically it is not my yard.
But close enough !
The first thing I thought of was the cats, whose owners allow them to wander loose, be possible Alligator hors d'oeuvres ...
The Thing is Big ! At least 5 feet ...nothing I would want to stumb le over in the dark.

So the People who Take Care of these Things are being called, the Neighbor Who Knows Everything is taking care of ... well, Everything.
I will go back to looking at maps and planning my next trio .. or whatever you want to call it .... Swim At Your Own Risk Mr Goose


Terra said...

Wow, I prefer egrets and geese to alligators. I understand alligators can move fast and grab the unwary on land. Raccoons are cute with their bandit faces but they can turn ferocious, we had a horrible incident in the alley with raccoons.

Candice F said...

Yes ! I have been told they move very fast! Raccoons are adorable to look at but they are ferocious .. what kind of "incident " ??? you have to tell me ! lol

Barbara H. said...

I've heard many horror stories about raccoons, so they definitely should not be encouraged. Perhaps they can get together with the alligators and discourage each other from bothering the other animals. It's good to have a neighbor who knows everything - I think.

Candice F said...

The Incident In The Alley
The title to a good Thriller !!

Candice F said...

Barbara, I would rather have a neighbor who knows everything than one who knows nuthin

Candice F said...

I spoke to some people who are on the Board here and one of the things that makes life a bit different here from where I am used to living is that there is a State Forest behind my house.
All sorts of things live there and sometimes they like to walk around the house, cross the street and see if they can catch a fish in the pond or just hang out and have a drink.
The little guy went right back where he came from, now it is dark, they will be back as usual as well as the possums :)
So no worries about me , the cats and the raccoons.
Remember also .. I grew up in the country *NC* and lived in Upstate NY on the edge of a huge forest .. so I am mostly ok with the creatures here .. on the ground, the alligators I don't even want to know about ...

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