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Monday, February 5, 2018

A Good Day

About a million starlings just came in for a landing.
My pine forest in back of my home is full of birds and bird song.
Blue skies, no clouds, sunshine and birds ...

A Murmuration / Starlings

Right after my husband died and I was alone all the time in that house in the country .. with tall pine trees lined up around the property and a huge farm (corn) field behind the property ... I would walk outside to just get some fresh air, wander around the yard and sometimes look out over the field.
They were corn fields for the dairy nearby and there was a forest across the fields.
Deer would cross the fields once the corn  had been cut and bits of corn were still on the ground, and also to get to the forest and ponds on the other side of my street, behind those houses.
It was a natural wonderful haven for forest creatures right in the middle of some very busy and wealthy homes and neighborhoods.

Walking to the end of the property, looking across the fields, looking for a deer sighting possibly, I saw / heard the noise of a lot of birds in the tall pines ... when I kept watching I realized that I had never seen so many birds in my trees before ... then the sound got closer and louder and I saw more birds.

I walked over   where the tree line met the fields and looked up the hill and there it came ...
a very very large cloud .. of birds... starlings .. it was amazing to see and mind boggling to hear ..
thousands of birds flying and swooping down and swirling .. I felt like someone had definitely given me a gift, something to lighten my heart .. something I would never forget .

I want to see it again ...


Linda deV said...

What a lovely treat!

TexasTrailerParkTrash said...

Our local Walmart here has a number of large oak trees in its parking lot. This past fall right about sundown a huge number of black birds (not sure what they were, but maybe starlings like yours) would swoop in each night to roost. I think they were migrating to Mexico. They would squawk and chatter and change trees back and forth while they settled in. I was in my car waiting for my husband and enjoying the show when an asshole guy thought he'd show off for his friend. He came over to the tree next to me and yelled "YAHHH!" really loud and made the birds take off. I don't think he saw me because he seemed surprised when I said "Hey! Don't do that!" Jerk.

NotesFromAbroad said...

There always seems to be a total moron walking around loose. Doing something stupid and annoying.
It is such an amazing sight and if you are lucky enough to see it, you will consider it a gift because you never know if you will ever see it again.

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