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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

This 'n That

11:00 pm, Tuesday night , the cats are in bed waiting for me to come and turn off the lights.
I am tired but restless.
I have all these ideas and plans running around in my head and no one to discuss them with, the cats fall asleep as soon as I start to tell them .. sheesh.

It is getting chilly in North Florida .. I like that .. it feels a bit more normal.
I keep forgetting what month it is .. this sort of weather is not the middle of Winter , not Winter as I know it.
Summer was nice .. Fall.. nice ... Winter ? nah .. I am not complaining, just remarking on the huge difference . And yet ... I miss New York, I miss real Winter, I miss getting ready for Thanksgiving when the trees are losing leaves and it is chilly, getting ready for Christmas when it is cold and wondering if it will be a white Christmas .. or just a flurry ..

I am more isolated here than when I lived in NY.
I am alone as much or more than when I lived in NY ..
This is not a complaint, this is just what happened .. I left NY to be away from snow and utility bills and being alone.
I live where the utility bills are the same, I am isolated and I am alone.
Don't tell the cats I said that .

So now more decisions have to be made.
There have been some real disappointments .. people I never expected to treat me in a nasty hateful way, shame on that person , my daughter is a champion .. she has been so very thoughtful and helpful and caring ..
But she has her own life and home and a new puppy .. ( adorable does not describe it ) ...

I am feeling more like finding my own life again .. where I want to be, doing something more than sitting here day after day ... if I get to live so long, there will probably be a day when I will sit and do nothing all day long .. but for now, I would like to do some Living ... around People ...

I am not going to get lost finding a mall here, so I am shopping online for presents ... it is nice.
I like shopping this way ..

For myself as well, Sephora is one of my favorites .. Amazon, music, books ... even gardening websites .. and I never have to deal with crowds and traffic .. online shopping is a Good Thing.

What are your Good Things ?
How are you managing the holidays this year ?
Are you staying home ?
Do tell ...


  1. I didn't say anything before, but my sweet 15 1/2 yr old dog Emma passed away suddenly a couple of days ago. It has been hard :( And then today I got a worrisome mammogram result, and have to go back in for more tests. So not the best lead-up to the holidays. I'm buying every gift online, and will do the neighborhood Christmas home tour on Saturday, hopefully get into the spirit a bit...

  2. Oh how very sad and yes, a bad time of year for such a heartbreak.
    Bless her heart, almost 16 years old ! A well loved good girl.
    My sympathies to you and your family.

  3. liparifam .. I thought I had your email address and wanted to send you a good luck note but I will do it here instead .. I don't have your address.
    I will be thinking good thoughts for you !!

  4. Thank you! My other two dogs are 13 and 11, so no spring chickens around here! Well, except for my 2 yr old granddog :)

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