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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday / Merlin

Merlin has lost a large patch of hair on the back of his neck/shoulders where the Frontline drops burned him ..
It was almost immediate .. god knows what is in that product but believe me, I will never use that product again on any of my pets.
He seems to be doing ok ... the vet said it was a bad chemical burn and not the first he has seen from using Frontline drops on dogs or cats.
And I barely used any because I am so aware of his being older and perhaps more fragile.
But then vet said he is in as good shape as Minette who is just out of kittenhood although he is a little arthritic , but hey, so am I ..

I know anyone out there who has a beloved pet or even a child, knows how I feel ... a person who should know what they are talking about .. tells me to put these drops on my pet so there will be no fleas .. and what do I get ?
A gorgeous old cat with long hair and the most gentle disposition, with a huge chemical burn on his back, from the poison that I put there .... noooooo I don't feel terrible ... I cry every time I look at this sweet gentle old cat who just wants to nap and snuggle and eat a nice dinner in peace.

I am seething. I keep putting soothing ointment on his burns and hope for a very quick healing .. I have no idea if he will be scarred and if his hair will grow back ..

As a Public Service Announcement ...


The negatives outweigh the positives in a terrible way ... you don't want to lose a beloved pet or burn and scar it for life ... there are other ways to prevent fleas on a cat ... a flea collar is one.

Have a good weekend ... I will be here, apologizing to Merlin ..
                                          Merlin Before the Burn

Merlin after the burn .. ugly and painful.


Rosemary said...

Have you tried using pure aloe vera gel - it is remarkably soothing, gently, and helps healing. I always use it on myself.

NotesFromAbroad said...

The vet told me to leave it alone although I do have a spray if it gets bad.
It is slowly healing and drying which is what it needs to do.
He is sleeping now so I will leave him alone ❤️

Unknown said...

Poor Merlin. Frigging Frontline. Frigging vet. Heal, sweet Merlin.

NotesFromAbroad said...

lol Love you, thank you!

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