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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


So .. to help or worsen my Homesickness for Buenos Aires, I read an online travel forum.
And usually it is like most forums, some people get along, some are cranky, some are super annoying and some are just plan obnoxious. And there are thankfully, some really nice people posting.

Today I am feeling blue and homesick for Buenos Aires... where my husband and I owned a home and lived for 7 years.

And while reading and posting on the forum .. some person who is awful in so many ways, was arguing about the politics etc of living in BA when someone said something about My Not Living in BA.
Well, you know that made me feel just great.

I tried to be calm and cool and I corrected that knuckleheads mistake then I was reading the other people with their silliness.
One woman moves to a new country and becomes a citizen.
Then she meets a man or whatever and moves somewhere else and ... becomes a citizen ..

So I am listening to ... Argentine Tango CDs and fondly remembering how my husband used to love to go to Milongas with our NY friends, the ones we met in Argentina lol and while we did not dance, we enjoyed watching so much !
The music is great .. the dancing is gorgeous .. a nice memory.

Sometimes a person has to dig a little to find those nice memories .. the current and not so nice sometimes get in the way ... but dig .. its there .. waiting to be savored again ..
Our home on a Summer day


Linda deV said...

Put those idiots in a box where they belong. I love hearing about your time in Buenos Aires. I love to hear the memories that you hold dear.

NotesFromAbroad said...

"Put those idiots in a box" ... LOL I love you Linda !
Thank you ...
I am going to find some new hopefully unseen photos and post them too.
Thank you again.

Mary said...

I'm just happy that you can bring back the wonderful years you spent in BA by looking at your lovely photos,
and recalling those special moments in the vibrant city. Some people are just morons who seem enjoy being negative about all and everything - life's too short for feeling that way.
Be happy my dear and remember your lovely times with H - he would want that I know.
Christmas greetings - and yes, as I said on amazing John's blog, wish you were closer to NC!
Hugs to you and the kitties. - Mary x

NotesFromAbroad said...

Mary, it is like watching favorite old movies , I just go through my photos and enjoy the memories.
LOL ... "some people are morons" ... No truer words were ever spoken :)

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